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Celebrities Share The Funniest Memories From Their Wedding Day

What happens on the dance floor (doesn't) stay on the dance floor

By Hafsa Saeed

What did Syra Shahroz wear on her big day? We all know that. It was a gorgeous tea pink lehnga. But do you know what happened on the dance floor? In this age of Snapchat and Instagram, it is easy to keep a close eye on the big celebrity weddings. From the bridal dress and makeup to the event planner, you get to know every single thing by simply following them on social platforms. What we miss out on though, are the intimate details; like how much doodh pilai did the saalis get and who stole groom’s shoes?

Women’s Own reached out to celebrities and asked them to share the funniest memory from their big day.

Scroll down to have a good laugh.

Ahsan Khan

The talented Udaari faced a wardrobe malfunction of sorts. Oops.

“On the valima day, we were getting late so left the hotel in a hurry,” he builds up before reaching the ‘highlight’ of his story. “And I remember my zipper wasn’t closed! It was only once the guests had started coming in and meeting us that my wife noticed. I fixed it immediately.”

Syra Shahroz

Syra’s funniest wedding memory has to do with DJ troubles and broken dance floors.

“The DJ didn’t have my entry song! At that time I was really angry, but now we laugh about it,” she shares with a laugh. “But the highlight of the night was when somebody went really crazy on the dance floor and broke it.”

Hira Tareen

The talented actress, who is currently starring in drama serial, Iltija , also happens to be married to fellow entertainer, Ali Safina. Here’s what happened on their big day!

“We had some crazy kids crash our wedding! They came in and started taking selfies with us and our friends/guests who were actors. We also had a wedding tree for guests to sign at the entrance and these gatecrashers actually had the audacity to write inappropriate things on it.”

That sounds funny now but must’ve been hell of an annoyance at the time. Imagine a bunch of hooligans running around crazily at your wedding and that too uninvited! Definitely, a recipe for disaster.

Hira Mani

The versatile television actress, who is married to VJ turned actor Mani, recalls that her funniest memory is not from the actual wedding day but from her mayoon.

“I had just gotten back from the parlor after getting my bridal services done and the moment I step into the house, I see Mani,” shares Hira, who was following the tradition of hiding her face from the groom until this moment. “I had to immediately cover my face. My brother came to me and told me that Mani wanted get his hair done from me, because I always used to make his hair even for our dates. So I covered my entire face with a dupatta and set his hair for the mehndi function at his house.”

Ali Gul Pir

The funny guy Ali Gul Pir, who gave us the iconic Saeen Tou Saeen, summed up his funniest wedding memory in one simple line: “Suhaag raat pe prank”.

“After the wedding was over, we were supposed to go to a hotel which our friends had arranged for us,” he says. “When we opened the hotel room door, the setup looked beautiful, with floral decorations all over. Little did we know the bed was full of rough spiky rocks! We spent hours removing them.”

Now that’s one rocky start to a marriage.

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