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Celebs Tell Us How They Stay Fit During Ramazan

You'll have to say no to your most favourite Iftar item!

By Hafsa Saeed

In a nutshell, Pakistani iftar is a table full of samosas, chaat and other oily delights. As tempting as that sounds, we all know how unhealthy it is to give into our indulgences during the blessed month. If you can’t count the amount of pakoras you ingest per day then you’re in serious trouble AND will probably be found sprawled across a couch till it is time to eat again (and this time it’s for sehri). The drill continues until your stomach sticks out and your face bloats out of proportion. It is then that you realise your mistake but maybe it’s too late!

Instead of getting caught in this vicious cycle, try introducing these healthy eating habits that our celebrities swear by. We got in touch with Juggun Kazim, Maria Wasti, and Anoushey Ashraf to find out how they stay fit and energetic during Ramazan.

Anoushey Ashraf says no to fatty foods!

Former VJ and current TV host, Anoushey doesn’t just have a happening Instagram feed, her plans for Ramazan are equally exciting. In order to keep her workout routine in check, she has also registered for a one-hour yoga class during the day for Ramazan.

“Let’s see how it turns out”, said a clearly excited Anoushey.

She also has her dietary goals in order.

“I don’t overindulge, I say no to pakoraas and jalebis, and eat healthy. There are no big fancy iftaaris for me,” Anoushey shared with us.


Juggun Kazim trusts fruit shakes

The talented morning show host and mom, Juggun, plans to stick to a strict working schedule this Ramazan. She’ll be hosting a live transmission for seven hours straight during the day and distributing presents to the audience throughout. Knowing our Ramzan transmissions, this will be quite the workout in itself.

While Juggun sounds no less than a superwoman herself, she did share some tips for us normal people who don’t have a live audience to entertain during the month.

“Continue your normal exercise routine and don’t overeat at iftar. Have a fruit salad at sunset and then have regular dinner. Don’t have pakoras and samosas,” she added.

Juggun also suggests that you stick to healthy fruit shakes for sehri.

Maria Wasti avoids parathas at sehri

Veteran television actress reiterated what Anoushey and Juggun said.

“I make sure to completely avoid fried stuff at iftar. The max I would do is taste the oily stuff, but I am very particular about avoiding it.”

It seems we’ll have to break our long standing relationship with drenched-in-oil samosas and pakoras this Ramazan.

Maria Wasti recommends sticking to an early dinner, so consider your iftaar your final meal for the night. She also suggests avoiding oily food like parathas and fried eggs at sehri because they can make you feel thirsty later in the day.

So take a page from the celebrity fitness guidebook and say no to unhealthy food items during the mighty tempting iftars.