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Cinepax introduces Women Wow Wednesdays

Grab your girlfriends and head to Cinepax!

By Rozina Bhutto

What happens when we plan a girl’s day out in Pakistan? Most of our plans form within the confines of our home and die within it too. While we don’t encourage women to fear societal norms, it never hurts to enjoy some exclusive girl-time away from the prying eyes of the world.

Cinepax recently introduced Women Wow Wednesdays and we’re mighty impressed. The cinema house has decided to dedicate two shows to women on Wednesdays.

We got in touch with the Marketing Manager for Cinepax, Mohsin Yasin, to know what this promotion is all about.

WO: Who came up with the idea and why?

Mohsin: Our aim is to promote movies for all the segments of society. In the past, we have also done promotions for students. This time around, our marketing team came up with the idea of special segment for women’s only shows. So on Wednesdays you can go to any one of our multiplex cinemas in the afternoon and enjoy a women-only show.

WO: Aren’t the timings odd?

Mohsin: We started with one show in the afternoon. The demand increased and we now have two shows for women on Wednesdays: One during afternoon and one during evenings.

WO: Are the movies in this slot all women-oriented?

Mohsin: Movies are majorly women oriented and sometimes blockbusters of the season as well. We started this segment four weeks ago and received a great response.

We are all about women but the world isn’t. So we love it when someone somewhere makes us feel special.