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Create the Illusion of Bigger Hair

Make eye shadow your hair’s best friend


Saira Noorani

We apologize in advance for any narcissistic selfie-taking tendencies that might increase with this hack. This little bit of follicular goodness came to us from one of our favourite hair spots in Karachi – Natasha’s Salon.

This makeup guru makes sure to tweak even the bounciest of curls and fullest of heads with a slight shading of eye shadow along the hairline before they leave the salon. By using eye shadow to shade the scalp, one immediately gives the visual illusion of thicker hair.

Makeup stylists worldwide have put their Naked Eye palettes on double duty. The Kardashian/Jenner hair guru Jen Atkins uses eye shadow to shade the scalp too! Whether it’s loose curls, an up do or a tight pony, this hair hack really takes your blow dry over the edge.

How does it work? The shadow offsets the highlight on your scalp that the flash brings on, which can make your hair appear that it’s thinning. Choose an eye shadow in the same shade of your hair and use it to perfect the hairline or shade in any sparse looking areas. It’s best if you choose soft dark brown and charcoal colours over deep black, to keep it looking natural.

  • Farzhana Naek

    It really works!!! I think they are special products too to fill in the gaps. Using eye shadow is so easy and hides gray too! An additional benefit.

  • Shabana

    A great read! Will definitely be trying this out!