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Designer Advice: Cutout Your Clothes

Here’s what designers want to cutout from your outfits


Shoulder, sleeves, neckline and the corners of your waist – when it comes to detailing, it’s not what designers put in but what they leave out that matters in fashion at the moment. Subtle exposure via geometric slices and sassy slits lend drama and add sex appeal to the simplest silhouettes and we’re all for it!

So if you think you’re not ready to embrace the trend yet, think again and read on. Here are five tricks to pulling of this chic tricky trend:

Let it persuade you


If you’ve dismissed the cutout trend for being too revealing, just take a look at the cold shoulder ensembles by Farah Talib Aziz. They show off your best feature in a feminine way while keeping you cool and comfortable during the summer.

Narrow the exposure


Don’t try to do it all. While sporting a cutout ensemble, pick an area of your body that you’re confident with exposing and stick to it. Cold shoulders work well with flared tops, the same way high slits go well with fitted ones. After all, you don’t want to have everything and the kitchen sink!

Accessorise it right


Keeping your accessories minimal is the key to successfully pulling off a cutout outfit. Team body-con cutout dresses with large hooped earrings and keep your neck and wrists bare. Long dangling earrings draw attention to exposed shoulders and can be worn with strappy sleeves.

Make it edgy


When used sparingly, graphic slits can add sculptural drama to simple silhouettes. Be it geometric slits on the waist or a high center slit, it adds a cool funky aesthetic to your look showing off skin in a fresh way.

Remember the Occasion


While the trend can be worn casually as well as formally, it is important to remember the occasion. Given the nature of exposure the style offers, it’s best to avoid them when going to a meeting, or greeting a conservative relative (we all have those), instead wear it for a hot date, a fun girl’s night out or a chic fashion event.