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DGMG: Pakistan’s Answer To Liquid Lipsticks

There's no reason our lips should be left out


The makeup world has gone loco for liquid lipsticks, and rightly so considering their lasting matte finish. The most famous from the liquid lipstick range is Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits, which typically sells-out minutes after a new shade is launched. But what about us?

After searching through the Pakistani beauty network, i.e. Facebook, we found one locally available brand that has been consistently well reviewed by the likes of makeup magician Bina Khan, and her army of makeup-aholics. We’re talking about DMGM’s Photofix Lip Colour in 18 gorgeous shades, available at most makeup counters. The colour is rich, matte and long-lasting. Just make sure you try before you buy since the shade on skin is different from the bottle. We stocked up on a few colours and liked them by themselves or layered over another lipstick. Liquid lipsticks tend to be drying, so do apply a nice balm to moisturize before application.