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Did You Know? Momina Mustehsan Turned 10 On Tuesday

Guess who was at her birthday bash!

Before you question our sanity, let us explain! Momina Mustehsan isn’t a long lost relative of Benjamin Button and is certainly not traveling back in time! But it is true that yesterday, a hashtag, #MominaTurns10, caught our attention. We would’ve disregarded the Instagram video if we didn’t spot Danyal Zafar and Momina playing tug of war and then guess who came running to his brother’s rescue? Ali Zafar!

That’s when we clicked on the hashtag to explore it in depth.

What did we find?

A lot of red decor, a smiling Momina Mustehsan surrounded by Ali Zafar, Danyal Zafar, Sadaf Zarrar of SiddySays (it almost seemed like a reunion for Coke Studio buddies) and a caption explaining that Momina threw a carnival themed birthday bash. Hence the hashtag, #MominaTurns10, but the actual party had a saner version of it saying, “Momina Turns 10 Again”.

Happy birthday @eesha.khan.5!! It's funny how our birthdays are only a day apart lol

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Thankfully, her clothes complemented the theme. she sported a plaid red and white top and funky cropped jeans which were a combination of ripped and frayed. And do we spot MK chappals?

In any case, she looked pretty, as usual.

Hanging out with Yanya Chachu… #DanyalZafar #SadafZarrar #MominaTurns10

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We still can’t get over how similar Ali and Danyal Zafar are! If only Danyal would quit squinting in every single picture.