Ditch these Foods Now

For a healthier you

Mishayl Naek

It’s summertime and the living is all about squeezing back into your skinnies. With the sun coming down it’s time to get your health and body back in tip top sleeveless condition. Although you shouldn’t wait for the heat to make healthy diet choices, it’s hard to say no to a hot cup of chai and samosa. So make this month the right time to take out these bad health harbingers, not just for the looks but for a healthier you:

Refined Sugar


The Darth Vader of unhealthy foods, sugar really deserves its own post but let’s make do with a slide. Refined sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup and sucrose, damages you both externally through aging and internally by attacking your immune system and organs. It suppressestheimmune system’s ability to respond, increases inflammation, suppresses your body’s production of human growth hormone, creates toxic compounds called AGE-s, increases insulin levels and is just empty calories with zero nutritional benefits. Just chuck this stuff out and replace with more natural sweeteners like honey and increase your fruit intake. Sugar is highly addictive so it will take a little while to wean yourself off.


Human beings are the only creatures on this planet that continue to consume milk post childhood, and that of another animal. Cow’s milk is packed with vitamins, calcium, fatty acids etc. but that’s because it’s meant for a baby cow in its high growth phase. For us humans, it can cause bloating, acne, irritable bowel syndrome, increased risk of prostrate cancer, allergies and unnecessary fat in your diet. If you’re worried about bone strength it’s better to take a Vitamin-D supplement and increase calcium intake via other foods such as dark leafy greens, humus and salmon. Try giving up all forms of dairy for two weeks and see how you feel.


The latest diet disaster, gluten free food is on the rise with skinny celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham crediting their thin thighs and flat tummies to going gluten free. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barely and rye and if you have celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten then you should definitely ditch these grains. If you suffer from any of the signs (fatigue, digestive issues, migraine headaches, hormone imbalances or infertility) get yourself checked out.