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Which Celebrities Share Your Astrological Sign?

Find out if you’re more like Mahira Khan or Konkona Sen Sharma

By Hafsa Saeed 

Do your friends roll their eyes at you whenever you associate their behavior with their zodiac signs? Are all your favorite memes based on horoscope or zodiac signs and does your heart skip a beat when you share your birth sign with your favorite celebrity?  Well, you have arrived at the right place!

This article is your guide to your favourite female celebrities’ zodiac signs. Now you’ll know if you are a fabulous scorpion like Aishwariya or an unapologetically free spirited Pisces like Kangana and Neelam Muneer.


Divas who share your sign: Sanam Saeed and Preity Zinta

Honesty and Loyalty runs deep in Aquarians just like these brilliant actresses, who stay true and loyal to their work by only doing quality projects.


Divas who share your sign: Neelam Muneer and Kangana Ranaut

Unapologetic, fun, and free spirited, the imaginative nature of Pisces takes them a long way just like these two bold women who come out stronger and better with every project.


Divas who share your sign: Anoushey Ashraf and Rani Mukerji 

The quick witted and dynamic persona of Aries always makes them shine brighter. That’s absolutely true for Anoushey – who fulfills her passion of travelling the world in addition to being a TV host – and Rani – who has given a number of memorable performances on screen. These ladies stay loyal to the dynamic attribute of their zodiac sign.


Divas who share your sign: Syra Shahroz and Madhuri Dixit 

Taurians might be a bit intimidating because of their amazing personalities. They’ll always be the most determined lot in a crowd. As much as their confidence is intimidating, it is equally inspiring. Remember Syra’s determination to spill all the beans on Tonite with HSY? And well, Madhuri’s confidence needs no introduction. Insert: Hum pe ye kis ne hara rang dala? Maar dala!


Divas who share your sign: Hareem Farooq and Sonam Kapoor 

This one doesn’t even need a description because both these names are synonymous with style and glamour. A Gemini is not only look fab – like Hareem with her style and Sonam with her outfits – they are also always open to experimentation even if it means stepping down from the style pedestal. Remember, Sonam in Neerja and Hareem in Diyar-e-Dil?


Divas who share your sign: Urwa Hocane and Priyanka Chopra 

Cancerians exude determination and hard work. If they set a goal, they make sure they reach it! That’s exactly how Priyanka made it to Hollywood. And Urwa, despite falling into the loop of vampy roles in the beginning of her career, made a comeback with Udaari.


Divas who share your sign: Tooba Siddiqui and Jacqueline Fernandes 

Leos are hard to ignore. They grab your attention instantly because they’ll always be the bubbliest and the most fun people to be around. Judging from the interviews of Jacqueline and Tooba’s public appearances, both these ladies are the definition of fun.


Divas who share your sign: Momina Mustehsan and Kareena Kapoor 

If Virgos are anything, they are intelligent and analytical. Momina has studied to be an engineer, hence, it’s safe to assume that she’s got brains while Kareena’s opinionated nature shows her analytical side.

LibraDivas who share your sign: Mawra Hocane and Nargis Fakhri 

Charm and friendliness are two things that make up a Libra. Mawra is not just charming with her acting and styling, but she is also super friendly with her fans and so is Nargis. You’ll vouch for their friendliness too once you follow them closely on social media.


Divas who share your sign: Humaima Malick and Aishwariya Rai 

Scorpions exude passion and excitement. From her roles to her outfits, everything about Aishwariya exudes passion while Humaima’s acting is nothing but exciting.


Divas who share your sign: Mahira Khan and Konkana Sen Sharma

Sagittarians are honest and straightforward people and if you want to know how honest Mahira is, you should scroll through her twitter and see how real her #AskMahira sessions are. As for Konkana, this talented actress sure keeps it straightforward by opting for roles which give an important social message.


Divas who share your sign: Mehwish Hayat and Deepika Padukone

Capricorns are ambitious and humorous. Deepika has won many national awards, opened up about her depression, and has made it to Hollywood! And if that isn’t ambitious, then what is? Mehwish Hayat, who started off with television serials, is now a force to reckon with and keeps signing one hit film after another, staying true to her ambitious star sign.