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Dress To Impress: What To Wear For A Job Interview

Don’t let a fashion faux pas cost you a job


By Leena Hassan

No, you can’t land that dream job based entirely on the contents of your wardrobe, but you can dress to impress because first impressions are key!

Here’s how to choose the winning outfit for an interview.

Get ready before you come to work

This may seem incredibly obvious, but no one wants to sit next to the girl who uses her desk like an Agha’s makeup counter. And your boss certainly won’t see your 10 minutes of Kardashian contouring as impressive time management.

Comfort is key

Don’t choose anything that you haven’t worn before. While it might be tempting to buy a new outfit, you don’t want a major wardrobe mishap such as “I-so-didn’t realise-this-was-see-through” moment on the big day. If the urge to purchase something new can’t be resisted, buy in advance and road-test the outfit a few days before.

Avoid wearing anything that can be attached with the word ‘too’

Too short, too tight, too bright, too casual… you want to stand out, but for your professional skills as well as your sartorial choices. And certainly not for that slogan tee you wear that says ‘I Love London.’

Shoes DO Matter

When your interviewer gives you a quick onceover, their gaze will finish on your shoes. Make sure they are clean. Don’t ever choose heels that you have trouble walking in – you never know how far you’ll have to walk through the building. We’re not saying you should wear trainers but practicality is the key here. A pair of chic flats or a lower-block heel is your safest option.

Don’t forget to smile

No matter how nervous you feel, always, always greet your interviewer with a big smile. It will make them immediately warm to you, and start things off on a positive note.

We know you’re ambitious and everything

…but never dress exactly like your boss. You want them to see you’re keen for a promotion, not that you think you can do their job better and want their office for yourself. Besides, it’s just creepy.

Don’t drop your standards

Even if the place you’re interviewing at has a casual dress code, don’t dress like a teenager who doesn’t know how to use a washing machine. Stained kameezes, crinkled blouses and tatty chappals are no way to state that you have eyes on the MD’s job.