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Editors’ Picks: What’s Hot This Month?

From our favourite face wash to our newest crush

We try a lot of things. We approve of a few, and ditch the rest. Sometimes we share our experiences with others, but usually we keep our favourites to ourselves. Why would my colleague want to use the face cream I’m using? Everyone has their own taste – why should she/he watch the show I’m crazy about? And recommending a book? Well, that’s too personal.

Nope it isn’t. Your suggestion may give someone somewhere a lot of joy. So, here we go!

Rose Briar Cleanser from FFYF

We’re SO glad we came across this organic goodness. It comes in the form of a powder and can be used as a cleanser or a scrub. People with oily skin prefer to use it with rose water while others can opt for milk. There are various flavours, but our favourite is Rose Briar, which (according to our experience) suits every single skin type. Yes, the entire family can use it, because apart from being super compliant, it lasts for ages.

Store it in an air tight jar though.

Mani-Pedi by Amethyst By Roohi

The ambiance is to die for, but ladies, that’s not what has us heading to this place ever so often. It is there manicures and pedicures. Be it the super affordable express one or the more luxurious spa one, Amethyst Spa is our go-to place for a thorough pampering session.

Their staff really CLEANS your hands and feet with the dedication of a mother cleaning her toddler after a playground break.

Mini Chocolate Doughnuts by Whoops

After a good pampering session, all one needs is something delish to gorge. And these warm, crispy mini doughnuts from Whoops are just the kind of comfort food you need to achieve absolute bliss.

If you still haven’t got your hands on these tiny pieces of heaven, then why are you even alive?

Baaz by Anuja Chauhan

We all have a problem. We can’t eat and stare at a wall. We MUST have something to read or watch. Since we don’t have any good show recommendations at the moment, we suggest reading this chick flick by Anuja Chauhan.

Her books are love. They take you to another world altogether, so get ready to be transported to the 1970s amidst the Fall of Dhaka. But promise, it won’t bog you down. At some point you’ll come across the dialogue, “Chori kitnee blood thirsty nikli”, and you won’t be able to keep a straight face for the rest of the day.

The Shehzil Shalwar

Pakistan’s first ever dedicated feminist fashion collection made way to Generation stores earlier this year. While most of the collection went out of stock in a week’s time, we were totally smitten by this dhoti shalwar and had to get our hands on it.

You can pair it with a white tee, a matching vest, or a simple white or black button down to make a statement.

Hottie of The Month: Ahad Raza Mir

Girls lose their minds as soon as they spot him. Like, really LOSE it. Here’s an example:

Need we say more?

After giving us a successful show called Yakeen Ka Safar, he’s all set for his big screen debut this year with Parwaz Hai Junnoon. So, watch out for him, will ya?