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We spoke to the sisters behind Karachi’s most popular multi-brand store 

title (1)By Maheen Bajwa

With the end of Ramzan in sight, our events’ calendar is chockfull of last minute Eid exhibitions. In this muddle of kameezes, wraps, pants and shalwars, how does one know what to buy, and most importantly: what to get in order to stand out amidst the cousin crowd?

Fear not readers! We sat down with Pakistan’s most fashionably-aware sisters to get the Ramzan and Eid trend breakdown. Shezray and Shehrnaz Husain are the dynamic duo running the highly successful Ensemble boutique. If anyone can guide us on who and what to buy, it’s obviously them!

What are the key Eid trends every shopper should look for

Shezray: It’s all about the shalwar this year. Everyone wants to experiment with lowers. For the last couple of years straight and short was ‘in’ for the kameez but it was about time something different came up. So most designers opted to go the lower route! The shalwar has come back in the tulip or dhoti form, and it’s great to see this new trend this year.

How much do people spend usually for their Eid clothes? 

Shezray: To be honest, three things sell nationwide in Ramzan, and those are: iftaar, night sports, and clothes! So people are willing to spend a decent amount of money on clothes as most women need at least two to three outfits for the three-day celebration. The price bracket in which ladies feel most comfortable to spend at Ensemble can go from anywhere between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000 for a fully stitched three-piece suit, as most women want to wear dupattas during Eid.

What are your personal top five favourite designers for Eid and why

Shezray: The tulip shalwar by Shehrnaz, FTA for her capes, Farida Hassan had some real beautiful designs, Sanam Chaudhri as she was able to create great cuts with rich fabrics this time around, Zaheer Abbas for his Printology collection, and Ammara Khan because her Eid collection will be very different from other designers.

What is trending this Eid season in terms of cuts and fabrics?

Shehrnaz: Organza wraps are really in for sure! Cotton net tops are always a favourite during Eid lunches, and of course lace will always be a top seller during Eid season.

What Eid exhibition should we look out for? 

Shezray: That would definitely be Ammara Khan and Ensemble Focus, which is an exhibition solely for emerging designers.

Shehrnaz: Our shops are now open from 11am-12pm and we have many designers in stock. There’s been an increase in people buying ready to wear for Eid. Now most people do not want to go through the hassle of dealing with tailors and going into the scorching heat to the fabric shops while fasting.

Which designer has been your top seller this Eid season?

Shehrnaz: That would definitely be FTA. They sold out in fifty-seven minutes to be exact! The main reason for their success can be that they are currently the “It” brand and are still not that easily available. Rema and Shehrbano were also very successful as they must have sold at least 200 units in their Karachi exhibition alone. Suffuse by Sana Yasir was also a successful Eid collection as she focused on more traditional style and on what people enjoy wearing the most during Eid.

What are your team’s plans after Eid? 

Shehrnaz: A holiday! (Laughs) Actually we will be re-locating our Lahore store to Mall One. Mall One is the ‘in’ for high-end shopping in Lahore.