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Eight Crazy Heels Your Closet Is Silently Begging You To Buy

Walk tall and turn heads!

By Sherazade Khan

Most of the shoes we have in our cupboard are, let’s face it, quite boring and ordinary. A black stilleto, a nude pair of mules, and a bright red pair for ‘exciting times’. It doesn’t get crazier that. Today, we urge you to get step out of your swarovski encased footwear and step into the cray cray world!

This absolutely edible looking pair of platform high heels will leave onlookers drooling. The cherry on the top (lol) is that you can wear them with jeans and a white t-shirt and instantly make a statement.

These are available here for US $133 (plus $40 shipping charges).

Beauty And The Beast made us believe in the ‘happily ever afters’, at least up until we got into the ‘real’ world.

The tale as old as time is now immortalised in this sparkling pair of stilettos. With their colourful and contrasting soles they’re sure to glam up any outfit, eastern or western. Make sure you occasionally pop up your leg to show-off the soles.

These are available here for US $ 150 (plus $25 shipping charges).

If, like me, you learnt your A, B, C and 1, 2, 3 from Sesame Street, than Elmo and the rest of the gang must hold a special place in your heart. These crystal rhinestones are placed one at a time to create this whimsical glitzy heel.

These are available here for US $212 (plus $33 shipping charges)

Star Wars fan? Look no further! These killer heels are every star-warrior girl’s dream and will go effortlessly with red, black, or white outfits. They’re chic and simple with a dash of character. AND they’re reasonably priced.

These are available here for US $65 (plus $35 shipping charges)

Get ready for something fishy! These black suede leather wedges have beautifully hand painted Koi on its back and sides, and some added detail on the front too. Swap them for your boring pair of black heels and pair them with an all-black outfits for a cheeky twist!

These are available here for US $69 (plus $33 shipping charges)

Unleash your inner Wonder Woman with this sparkling and retro looking pair of peep-toes. The seller provides a variety of heel-sizes and can further customise these, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. This pair will surely add a quirky yet glamorous touch to a simple outfit.

These are available here for US $86 (plus $32 shipping charges)

If you’re a girly girl, this feminine pair of white heels adorned with cherry blossoms is a match made in heaven for you. Delicately hand painted, this shoe would look great with your lawn joras (in similar colour schemes) or plain pastel suits.

Make them yours for US $160 (plus $24 shipping charges)

Get ready to dance the night away (compete with the disco ball) in these mirror and crystal pumps that are sure to razzle and dazzle! It’s time to introduce some serious bling to your closet.

These are available here for US $145 (plus $8 shipping charges)

All prices are approximate as based on the sellers’ websites and it is possible that they may fluctuate or change based on customisation or availability.