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Everyone Needs This First Aid Selfie Kit

Because the selfie game must always be on point

By Rabeeya Seemul Latif

Being part of the editorial team of a women’s magazine is hugely rewarding in many ways. This includes raising awareness by reporting news that is relevant to women all over the country, and the satisfaction of providing women with a platform to voice their opinions and show off their achievements, among others. With that said we’ve got to admit that there is a lot of pleasure in the perks 😉

We get gifts from brands practically on a daily basis, everything from chocolates, to makeup and clothes. But today’s little present has to be our favourite so far. Behold the Selfie First Aid Kit from R5 Aesthetics and Healthcare: it includes, fish-eye lenses, a selfie stick, a mirror (to check yourself out), a power pack, a portable phone flash and a mini phone tripod – everything you need for the super perfect selfie.

But the idea behind this selfie kit is actually deeper than its superficial premise. This present comes with an invite to R5’s new foundation.

To give you a bit of a background, R5 is a healthcare clinic in Karachi that specializes in restoring, replenishing, regenerating and rejuvenating the skin, body and joints, and is run by celebrity plastic surgeon Mohammad Ali Jawad, the subject of the Oscar winning documentary “Saving Face.”

Yes. This plastic surgeon who is considered a magician when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles and firming up saggy breasts is also an expert in restoring faces lost to heinous crimes. Putting his magic to good use, he is now launching the R5 Foundation which focuses on raising money to treat acid burn victims and the aged with painful joints by using stem-cell technology.

This selfie kit is not only trying to encourage the botox-toting client to appreciate who they are, but also for those patients who were acid victims – rebuilding their confidence step by step even if they need the latest gadgetry to support this effort.

We hope that you can support them through their journey of helping acid burn victims and the elderly.

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