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Everything You DON’T Know About The LSA!

We speak nothing but the truth!

By Rozina Bhutto

Everyone tells you to wear that perfect gown, make sure you carry a power bank, and not to forget to corner Mahira Khan for an exclusive interview at the Lux Style Awards, but no one tells you that you might experience existential crisis right in the middle of Mawra Hocane’s dance performance. We surely wish we were prepared beforehand. We wouldn’t want our fellow human beings to go through similar trauma, hence, here’s everything you need to know about the LSAs which no one has ever told you before.

Don’t expect celebs to be a ray of sunshine

An A-list celebrity might ask you to “STOP IT” as soon as you give them the good news, “Hey! your Facebook Live with us!” Yes, we got that backstage and while we gaped at him in stunned silence, he sauntered off to a corner to calm their obviously very jittery nerves.

Well, we don’t blame Atif because that’s exactly how we’d react if someone shoved a camera in our face out of the blue.

Don’t expect to recognise every celeb

You might end up not recognising some celebrities because their facial features are masked by the very many layers of foundation. P.s. we’re talking about men here.

Don’t miss the chance to watch live performances

The performances are much better live! The editing ruins the steps and the entire experience on TV; it’s like watching a face one feature at a time. See, how disturbing that sounds? So, next time pester that friend of yours in PR and get passes for the award show if you can.

Don’t expect equality

The red carpet may remind you of a party you attended in your tweens where you were only allowed to eat cake and look at the elder siblings having all the fun – posing for cameras, gossiping, and all. In this case, celebrities were the elder siblings and we were the annoying tweens who couldn’t wait to be on the other side of the thin cardboard. Well, not really.

Journo Tip: Don’t go beyond the question, “Who are you wearing?”

Lux Style Awards are definitely not the place to ask questions that involve using your brain cells. You’ll find out more about this in our upcoming video, so stay tuned!

Don’t worry about channelling your inner stalker

Stalking is completely OKAY. If you’re on the ‘other’ side of the red carpet, you are expected to step over people’s feet (gowns), grab hold of celebrities, and make them look straight into your camera and say something ‘funny’.

Don’t bother to clap

The audience is least interested in what’s happening on stage. Unfortunate as it may sound, taking selfies, attacking celebrities, and eating that yummy cookie is all the more engaging than the winners’ speeches.

It is disrespectful to those who’ve put so much effort in presenting the show but the journalists, socialites, and potential winners present at the event have a gazillion things to think about and not being a good audience is the least of their worries.

The frow-ers, of course, have no choice but to be enthusiastic since multiple cameras are hovering above them like a hawk. But three rows down, you’ll see a snooze fest which can even put a History class to shame.

Don’t expect every joke to be funny

You might not find the jokes as hilarious as they do on television. The fake laughter actually helps. Case in point is the morning show segment which went on for ages and though we tried hard, we just couldn’t muster up the courage to laugh at ‘Sahira Khan’.

Don’t worry if everything looks/sounds fake

Every single person has their best acting foot forward. Don’t worry if you suddenly find a wide grin plastered on your face as you praise every atom within your range of vision. That’s a tiny side effect of attending the LSAs.