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Bunto Kazmi’s Best Joras This Year

She does couture like no other

By Sherazade Khan

Fashion maestro Bunto Kazmi is the Karl Lagerfeld of Pakistan, but her couture mostly consists of bridal wear. she is a force to reckon with when it comes to wedding wear. Her signature style and attention to detail leaves other designers far behind. It’s no wonder that brides would beg, borrow, and maybe even steal to bag a Bunto jora for their big day.

With the kind of waiting time required for one of her exquisite bridal joras, you need to get in line before you even find the boy!

We can’t really complain though; everyone knows that patience reaps sweet fruit (sabr ka phal meetha hota hai).

Details of our signature Resham rosettes in peach. 2013 #buntokazmi

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As we try to imagine what it would feel like to put on one of these beauties, we round up some of our favourites Bunto joras from this year.

One thing’s for sure… Bunto’s couture is a league of its own!

Sarah Bilal effortlessly donning an elegantly festive piece. #buntokazmi #buntokazmicouture #BuntoKazmiOfficial

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There’s nothing we don’t like about this fun and cheerful outfit. The radiant colours make it perfect for a mehndi or mayoun. Don’t miss the border detailing on the trouser!

Chic and elegant, the light colour palette of this ensemble is perfect to wear during the day or night. We love the sleek, embellished trouser juxtaposed with the flared top. If this isn’t bling-y enough for you, add some your favourite diamond pieces for added glitz!

Look no. 8 #buntokazmi #humshowcase #qhshowcase

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Moving away from the overtly bridal types, this piece is a breath of fresh air with its unique colour combination. The dupatta really catches the eye, and the long length means you can play around with it.

Look no. 3 #humshowcase #qhshowcase #buntokazmi

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Here is a gown fit for a queen! This one, with its heavily embellished coat, is ahead turner, but the subtle color palette ensures that you can wear it to different occasions.

Look no. 5 #buntokazmi #humshowcase #qhshowcase

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This lovely, deep, jewel-toned timeless ensemble is an heirloom piece. Fashion may dictate changing lengths and bottoms, but the intricate kaam on this one will be in vogue even at your great great grand daughter’s wedding.

Get ready to show off that hot bod in this sexy number! You’ll be the star as you dazzle in this gorgeous sari. Make sure to pair it with (really) high heels.

Regal in Red: We can't take our eyes off Anum in this classic red and gold #BuntoBridal #buntokazmi #realbrides Makeup: @shamainsalon

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Doesn’t this bride look radiant in this stunning red classic Bunto jora with gold work with mukesh? The orange detailing might escape some people, but not us, we think it adds a whole other dimension to the outfit and we’re loving it!

Another regal shot of this beauty. #buntokazmi #buntobrides #realbrides

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Here’s another real bride looking like a desi barbie in this baby pink and white combination.

There you have it – in case you were looking for an excuse to get yourself something nice this season. P.s. you don’t need to be getting married to wear a Bunto Kazmi outfit!