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Wear your slogan on your tees

By Maha Asif Rizwan

Who thought you could print some text on a tee and sell it at a hefty £490 price tag. But if the message resonates with all the females out there then you can do little to stop them from owning it. Christian Dior introduced their statement logo tee saying ‘We should all be feminists’ during the New York Fashion Week and it became every hipster’s must-have overnight.

“We should all be feminists”, “Girl Power” and “The future is female” are amongst the top slogans of feminist fashion and we’re amongst the millions of women world over, swooning to get our hands on one. Luckily, the key runway trend has made its way to the local fashion industry and here is how you can be a part of it.


Girls can do anything 💖💖💖

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Known for their trendy yet comfortable outfits, Klotho has powerfully chic slogan t-shirts ready for you to sport every day of the week. From “Girls can do anything” to “Her voice can change the world”, the brand gives you a plethora of awesome power tees.

Spread Shirt

Showcase the power of a feminist slogan t-shirt with Spread Shirt and the good news is they ship to Pakistan. Select your colour, the style you’d like to wear, and have your stance customized on your t-shirt.


There is no clearer way to give out a strong message than to paste a it on our chests. Mango’s “I am Boss” t-shirt does just that.

So, what are you waiting for? Hoard up on these tees and be the boss of your own life.