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Fifty Shades Of Studio X


by Mishayl Naek

It’s not often that a place can make you feel equal amounts of pain and pleasure, but that’s exactly what Studio X’s new site does. Our favourite fitness trio’s new digs are so pleasing to the eye that we happily join up for the bodily pain, especially with the vibe which is body positive and encourages you to be strong over skinny.

We were so impressed with the studio’s new premises (and the cold press juice bar) that we actually decided to sit down with the owners and talk about Pakistan’s most gratifying fitness center.

Studio X is owned and run by three remarkable women: our vibrant Columbian Jeannette Faruque, her kick a$$ daughter Fuzzy Faruque (she has a proper name but no one remembers it) and their partner, the sunny Salina Taqi. All three are ridiculously well-trained and certified in their respective fields. Jeannette is both owner and the head trainer at Studio X. She has over twenty years of experience in fitness training, specialising in personal training and yoga. There is nothing like a workout with her, and finishing a class soaked in sweat (aptly called the #jeanetteeffect).

Fuzzy’s fitness guru journey is less direct as her education is in graphic design and communication. In fact, it was her unhealthy Uni days that made her change her lifestyle and career plans! After a 7-day detox she trained as a fitness instructor in London and Dubai, and her spin classes are an out of body experience. Her call for “resistance” really makes you wonder if she has got a little Sparta in her background!

Salina is the yoga powerhouse in the group, but don’t be fooled as a class with her leaves you tingling from the inside out. Her love for Vinyasa has gotten her over 800 hours of practice, making her a certified Universal and Vinyasa Teacher.  Her Yoga floor has Pakistan’s first Hot Yoga Studio, so we can REALLY sweat out those toxins!

We got hold of the energetic and passionate Jeanette to ask her a few questions about the new premises:


What is the inspiration behind the new Studio X? What made you want to create it?

My inspiration behind the new studio is my daughter. The day she joined me, my entire vision about the studio changed. Her passion, support and dedication gave me the strength to think big and go forward as I was a bit hesitant to go on a bigger scale, even though I knew in the back of my mind that I needed to expand. My clients were also very insistent and supportive. I’ve always had a dream for a bigger facility where I could fit all the services that a fitness studio can offer. I am in extreme awe of how beautiful the building has turned out, Najmi Bilgrami did an incredible job! The whole energy of the Studio has changed and clients seem much happier, wanting to stay at the Studio for longer. They really feel at home when they come to us.


How did each individual member play a part in this process? What was the different input?

All three of us did whatever we could, from spin to yoga to management and group classes.  Even our clients played an important role in the project. I partnered up with Salina Taqi, who has been working for the studio for 6 years to open the first Hot Yoga studio in Pakistan and launched Spin X with Fuzzy, indoor cycling class.


What was the design process with the interior designers like? What were your goals in creating this space?

I adore my interior designers: Najmi Bilgrami. From the first meeting we had till the end of the project, they were always very supportive and they knew how to convert my ideas into a beautiful fitness studio.  When they showed me the mood boards I was ecstatic! I could not believe my eyes what they had designed. I told them we need to work within my budget and that’s what they did without compromising on the quality of the work. Each floor has a different vibe, and I love it! Our Yoga-X floor has a Zen feel to it; Spin X has a contemporary, modern feel while the 3rd floor has an industrial feel. All three gel together and go with the theme of the studio.


What are your fitness philosophies? How does that influence your classes etc.?

The philosophies of the studio are simple and to the point: fitness is a lifestyle. It is not something which can be included in your life temporarily. However, the most important philosophy is to keep happy, smile and get different workouts every time. All classes are structured to give one-hour workouts where one is able to get the best of his/ her time, warm up, workout and do stretching.


What makes StudioX different from other gyms?

The biggest difference is that Studio X is NOT a gym. We are a fitness studio that specializes in group fitness classes, detox programmes, personal training and boot camps. We use different equipment in every class and try to challenge every muscle in the body using Free weights, kettlebell, TRX, Medicine Balls, Step, Swiss balls, Pilate’s rings, Gliders, Resistance Band, and Battle rope. We believe in switching workouts, and every class is physically and mentally challenging no matter what level of fitness you are at.


Any new plans in the future? New workouts? Expansion plans?

New workouts for sure! We are very excited to offer the hot yoga classes after Eid. No expansion plans for the moment after this long awaited beautiful studio.


Fuzzy Faruque

Why do you love Studio X?

The new building is incredible! I love the warm feeling it has and seeing clients walking in happy and wanting to workout. Working with my mother and constantly learning about health and fitness and running a business plays a key role in my life.


What’s your favorite class?

OMG Spinning of course! It’s an incredible adrenaline high I get with every class I teach.


Any advice to women wanting to get fit?

Mix up your workouts. It’s always good to switch up your workout routines so that your muscles and body don’t get used to the same exercises and the workouts don’t become monotonous. The more you switch up your routines the more you’ll challenge your mind and body. With the variety of classes at Studio X, clients are able to combine weights, cardio and yoga together for a full body workout.


What’s your fitness/ health mantra?

I believe food fuels your body. Eat your macronutrients and do not starve your body. Everyone’s body is different, don’t compare yourself to others. Find something that suits you alone and work hard towards it. Nothing comes easy, and if it’s easy, where’s the feeling of accomplishment?


Salina Taqi

Why do you love Studio X?

It’s a loving community with a dedicated team. The instructors give their heart and soul to achieve goals. Apart from being the swankiest/ coolest new spot in Karachi, I would say it’s the vibe and energy.


What’s your favorite class?

Each and every one of them! From the high intensity cardio to the soulful yoga and the adrenaline pumping spin, I LOVE each and every class!


Any advice to women wanting to get fit?

Keep focused. There are no shortcuts. Keep solid long-term goals and believe you will get there. Because trust me you will! STRETCH and remember you’re adding quality years to your life.


What’s your fitness/ health mantra?

Workout hard, eat right, juice and do it all with a BIG smile!