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Finding Your Summer Shade

The perfect shades for your face shape

By Maha Asif Rizwan

The sweltering summer days have us all living in our sandals, sunblock and shades. While it’s certain that your eyes need protection from the harmful rays of the sun, there’s no guarantee that your chic new sunnies will do for you what they did for the model on the catalogue you chose them from. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as one-style-flatters-all and that’s why here’s your summer guide:

A good pair of sunglasses should fit well and compliment your features. So before you start looking for the latest in eyewear, take a step back to identify your face shape. Once you know what the shape of your face is, follow our guide to discover which pair of sunnies to get and which ones to ditch.

Round Face

A round face needs some definition and angular styles to slim it down. The perfect shades for your face will be the fashion equivalent of strategic contouring.

Wear: Square aviators, wayfarers, and anything geometric. They will help sharpen your features and elongate your face.

Ditch: Round frames – you do not want to add extra curves to your face.

Square Face

Quite the opposite of a round face, the sharp features and strong jaw bone of a square face need curvier frames to add softness to it.

Wear: Oval and round aviators, rounded cat eyes and butterfly frames. The larger your face the larger the frames should be to create a curvier silhouette.

Ditch: Small, geometrical frames with too much detailing on the outer edges and arms.

Heart-Shaped Face

With a wide forehead and a defined chin, the eyewear drill is to mimic the shape and not contrast it. Much like your face your sunnies should be broader on the top and curvier at the bottom.

Wear: Aviators, quirky cat eyes and sun glasses that angle outwards are your go to style. Detailed arms would work best on your face shape.

Ditch: Large frames that are heavy on the bottom. They will make your face look disproportionate.

Oval Face

Good news ladies, you can pull off almost all styles as long as they’re the same width as your face.

Wear: Classic wayfarers, chic cat eyes, round and rectangular – everything looks good on you if they’re not too large for your face.

Ditch: Sunglasses with low sitting arms that could elongate your face.