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Sweaty looks better when you’re stylish

titleBy Maha Asif Rizwan

If the potential promise of sculpted abs, and toned legs doesn’t motivate you to go the gym every day, then the right fitness wardrobe might. With the rise of athleisure activities and fitness regimes, arises the need for some attractive active. From intense cardio to upbeat Zumba classes and even peaceful yoga days, we did the leg work to looking stylish as you sweat those calories away.

Hello High Waist


While the rule of yoga is to relax, the rule of looking good while doing yoga is high-rise yoga pants. Whether you’re opting for capris or longer tights, make sure to pick a pair that’s high waist. They provide a stronger grip on your body and make you look toned as you carry on with your workout routine.

How to get the look: Puma and Nike store a variety of colorful, patterned and minimalist black high waist pants.

Introducing Neon


Nothing is brighter and bolder than neon. When it comes to making a statement with your active wear, neon does the trick. From your sports bra to your tank top and even your trainers, make sure you pick the right colorful blend of yellow, pink and blue neon.

How to get the look: Nike and Reebok are your go-to stops for everything neon – from trainers to tank tops.

Wearing Patterns


Wearing solid colors is the safest bet, but if you’re going to stretch your muscles, you might as well stretch a little further out from your comfort zone and step into patterned fitness wear. Start by pairing one patterned item with a solid color and slowly introduce more patterns – even in your trainers.

How to get the look: Stop by Reebok for the best patterned sports bra, Nike for some vibrant tights, and Puma for your trainers.

Workout Wisdom


If sharing a fitness quote on social media motivates you to go to the gym, then wearing it will do wonders. Pick out a statement (or hashtag) that drives you and wear it to the gym every day. Not only will it encourage you, it will also make you look super rad.

How to get the look: Nike’s patent ‘Just Do It’ clothing items are a win at the gym. Similarly, Reebok stores some great mesh crop tops and tank tops that are both fit and fad.

Putting Together an Outfit


Having bought all the right items, it’s usually a bit of a challenge to put together an outfit that doesn’t look the same every day. The key is to know your own balance in order to mix function and fashion. Hide areas you aren’t confident exposing (and are working on toning) while expose those that make you feel more confident. Not only is this a confidence boost, it’s comfortably chic. Other things to remember include:

  • Capris work well with tank tops/regular tees and your sweats are best combined with one fitted item like tights or sports bra.
  • Too many colors in one outfit are only a great idea at the gym. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Athleisure wear is not the same thing as loungewear. You’re going to be exercising, not going to sleep.
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