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Five Affordable Markets You Should Visit Now

Here is budget buying at its best

By Hafsa Saeed

Do you catch yourself feeling despondent after the 15th of every month as the funds go low and payday seems centuries away? Join the club! It is then that you scold yourself for going crazy at the last online sale or ordering those delicious desserts in the middle of the night. You can either say goodbye to your shopping sprees and survive on cold sandwiches for the rest of the month or find a pocket friendly solution. We suggest you do the latter.

Head to these five markets in Karachi and Lahore in a quest to become a budget friendly shopaholic. They sell international brands that won’t cost you a leg and a foot. How awesome is that?

Zainab Market is a denim heaven

Zainab Market in Saddar, Karachi is heaven on earth for denim lovers. The place has the most beautiful jeans from Zara and H&M. Now you won’t need to spend 6K on a pair because it is a cardinal sin to go above Rs 1000 at Zainab Market! You might need to freshen up your bargaining skills though.

The market, which offers the facility of tiny and safe changing rooms, also has the most comfortable and cutest PJs from all over the world.

Don’t break your bank to smell good

As a Karachiite, ones go-to place for any sort of mobile issues is Boat Basin. A little wandering around in one of those mobile shop galis, right behind Motta’s, leads you to a world of out worldly scents. As you walk away thinking you’ll never be able to afford this tempting fragrance, you stop midway and ask the price and get the shock of your life.

Girls, that is exactly how I discovered this shop. It has first copies of brands like Gucci, Chanel and Dolce and Gabbana. And they smell divine! If you’re not interested in copies then they also have original testers of your favourite brands.

Psst: I got myself Tommy Girl’s tester just for Rs 1200!

Saddar in Lahore is jeans galore

It seems Saddar in both the cities is a safe haven for us shopaholics. The markets in the Saddar area of Lahore have jeans from Zara, Levis, and Reebok at the lowest possible price. Before you start getting all the wrong ideas, these are not copies but originals with slight defects.

Visit Liberty Market in Lahore for perfumes

Staying true to its name, Liberty Market gives customers the freedom to buy and own original perfume testers by Chanel, CK, and even 212 at mind numbing prices.

Bags Mehran Shopping Centre in Karachi

Right beside the Clifton underpass, there is a shopping centre which will solve all your handbag problems. It features quite a few shops that sell totes and clutches as cheap as Rs 650, and they ain’t bad at all. The best part about these bags? They don’t have a huge Chanel or Gucci label pinned across them. Apart from bags, Mehran Shopping Centre also has a large variety of PJs at affordable rates.