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Four Anti Ageing Products To Buy Before You Turn 30

Wrinkles, what?

“Age is just a number,” say some people. But those people are either Fawad Khan or Mahnoor Baloch – People who have aged rather too beautifully to even have a say on the matter. Khan was quick to use the proverbial expression on Hum TV’s show, Tonite With HSY, when issue of Mahira Khan’s incorrect age on Wikipedia came up. All we could do was roll our eyes and yell, “It might be a number for you, but not for us!”

Although he was not there to witness our emotional outburst, our family members were. After a pitiful look, they suggested the obvious: Why aren’t you using anti ageing products if it bothers you that much?

Well, it is time we took their suggestion seriously so we headed to Scentsation to find ourselves a skincare regime which could fight wrinkles, fine lines, dull skin, crow’s feet, and many such unfortunate occurrences.

Lancome Absolue Sublime Oleo serum

This product by Lancome fights signs of ageing like a pro! The serum contains a blend of voluptuous Citrus and Camellia essential oils which result in a radiant, more firmer skin. Remember, serum is the first most important step to a smooth wrinkle-free, radiant skin!

Your day/night cream comes after the serum and a mask is used for a more instant and long lasting effect.

The serum is available at Scentsation for Rs. 23K to 25K

Guerlain Abeille Royale Masque Gel

Although, crow’s feet has nothing to do with either crows or feet, it is an unsightly sight. One moment you’re laughing hysterically and the next moment you’re as still as a dead body, because laugh lines and crow’s feet are a reality. Now, this gem of a product here, helps us fight this reality and introduces us to a new one, where are skin is as smooth and supple as a baby’s butt.

Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Masque gel or Honey Gel Mask uses “[the] power of bee products to create this gel-textured honey mask which leaves the skin plumped up and exceptionally smooth right from the first application.”

According to Guerlain’s website, “81% [users] note their skin is smoother, 81% note their skin texture is refined, 94% note their skin is nourished.”

It is available at Scentsation for Rs. 16K to 19K

Guerlain Abeille Royale Night Cream

It firms, minimizes wrinkles, and replenishes skin. This cream multiplies your skin’s ability to renew itself when you’re sleeping. AND according to the website, “the facial contour is redefined, and the face appears re sculpted” after continuous use of Guerlain’s night cream.

It is available at Scentsation for Rs. 16K to 19K

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector serum

Another miracle product by Lancome, is a non-comedogenic serum is suitable for all skin type and ethnicity. Now, that’s a major plus because many international brands don’t take our South Asian skin texture into account while making products.

Its high absorption power will visibly make your skin smoother after the first application. Lancome’s website promises, “After three days, pores are less visible and skin texture is improved and after four weeks wrinkles appear visibly reduced.”

It is available at Scentsation for Rs. 12K to 15K

This post is produced in partnership with Scentsation.