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Five Awkward Moments At The Lux Style Awards

The reason why we attend them


Admit it: aren’t you always waiting for someone to say something they shouldn’t? What’s the fun of awards otherwise? They’re live and here celebs have one opportunity to let it all out in front of the entire entertainment industry. The LSA’s are this Friday and here are five awesome awkward moments to get you guys excited:

  1. In 2005, when Resham was asked by Ali Kazmi (on stage) to reveal the secret to her beauty, she replied “Lux… aur kuch keh ke marna hai?” The audience, after a short pause, laughed awkwardly.F9C9C682-1C55-4D31-898E-690E860D90BC
  2. In the 2007 LSAs, when Reema was asked: “Tumhari beauty ka raaz kya hai?” by Moamar Rana, she replied, “Raaz tumhein to bata doon gi par Meera ko na batana, nazar lag jaye gi.” Meera didn’t have much to laugh about at that!BF6EF9CD-130C-4C02-A8D9-9DFA8893CFC3
  3. During the 14th Lux Style Awards in 2015, Urwa Hocane fell on stage during her performance on Hoey Dar Badar. There was an uncomfotable pause in the audience but when Urwa bravely stood up again and started performing, the audience applauded. One big blunder, covered up beautifully by Urwa!910E4859-165C-4AFF-B96B-AA29AE910B87
  4. Iman Ali and Shaan fighting on stage when Shoaib Mansoor won an award for Khuda Ke Liye in 2008. “Shaan went on and on about him, debating whether he is a good guy or bad guy and Iman couldn’t take it so she spoke up for him. While Shaan said it is difficult to work with him as an actor, he doesn’t give food breaks and that he “used” Pakistan as a launch pad to go to India, Iman exclaimed “Well, he is bigger than the budget and the food” before walking off the stage. Iman’s expressions while Shaan was still talking are not to be missed!2352813E-0360-474D-A2F3-8B314CA0F8E2
  5. We all remember Ahmed Ali Butt’s hilarious opening of the 11th LSAs when he performed on “LSA just celebrate, LSA just love not hate” based on the tune of Smack That. Well, maybe the act was hilarious for the viewers but not so much for some celebrities! Some lyrics made some people feel pretty awkward – for example he said “Hamsafar ki koi nominee nahin hai” and Sultana Siddiqui had to pretend she found that funny. He said “Meera ko koi husband dilaa de” which left Miss Meera Jee pretty unamused. “Saari actresses kitni pyari lag rahi hein, ander hi ander ik doojay se jal rahi hein” – we are sure that statement was almost true and the truth did make some celebs move uncomfortably in their seats.A90751E1-58F7-403F-BC0F-06F219BCA90E