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Five Cool Hair Trends We Spotted At The Met Gala

You might wanna go short this season

By Rozina Bhutto

From super short bobs to afros, the Met Gala had it all when it came to statement hairdos. Even though the Met Gala is essentially a themed costume party, this year few celebrities stuck to the dress code. They looked slick, shiny, and pretty while paying tribute to a designer – Rei Kawakubo – whose work is anything but that.

Now don’t get disheartened because celebrities like Bella Hadid and Lilly Collins did pay tribute to the designer through their hair styles!

Ahead are a few hairstyles that were trending at the Met Gala.


Bobs were all the rage on Met Gala’s red carpet and there’s a reason for that. Rei Kawakubo – the designer who was the inspiration for this Met Gala – sported a black blunt bob all her life. From Kendall, Selena, to Kim, quite a few celebrities chopped their length off.

See, celebrities do follow the theme (as long as it doesn’t compromise with their look). Bobs and lobs are trending, be it wavy or blunt, so go chop off that unruly hair of yours this summer.


Top knots

Here is another trend that keeps the hair off your neck and is perfect for the summer. Let’s send a silent prayer to those who made top knots trendy, because back in the 90s’ top knots only happened during gruelling work, like studying for an exam or cleaning your closet.

There’s no science involved in getting the look; turn your head upside down, tie it up in an elastic on top of your head and finally, wrap your hair in a knot with the help of bobby pins.

Coming back to the Met Gala, celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Rihanna, and Priyanka Chopra opted for this hairstyle. You decide for yourself if they knocked it out of the park or not.


Another hairstyle which reminds us of the good old days: ponytails! This hairstyle has been trending ever since Kate Middleton decided to sport this fuss-free style on number of occasions. You can tie them up at the nape or make them sky high, the ponytail adds an instant youthful touch to your appearance AND it is super glamorous.

You can start by combing your hair as high as it goes. According to Elle, you should align your ponytail with your cheekbones so you might want to do that too. Now, take a bristle brush, spray it with hairspray and tame all the flyways away. This is the key to a red carpet worthy ponytail. Now fasten the hair using two elastics and wrap a section of your hair around the elastic using bobby pins. End it all with a texturizing spray.

Slicked back straightWoah! The celebrities are actually REALLY tired of getting hair in their face. This is yet another hairdo which focuses on keep the hair as far away from their forehead as it is humanly possible.

Here’s how you can get the look: Grab hold of a gel with a firm hold and using a tail comb gel back your hair till your crown and then just straighten your locks and let them be. Make sure you slather on a styling cream so that your hair remains straight.

Crazy Hair Don’t Care

Since this hairstyle doesn’t have a name (yes, we googled) we’re going to call it CHDC. This is actually a fuss-free hair style. Here are three simple steps to achieve it.

Step 1: Blow dry your hair half way through using nothing but the pressure of the blower. Do not comb through with fingers or add a serum because you want to make your hair look at its unhealthy best.

Step 2: Sit in an air-conditioned room for a few hours.

Step 3: Head out in the humidity and brush your hair with a cheap hair brush to make it look extra frizzy. Voila!