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Five Cool Ice-cream Flavors To Beat The Heat

Which flavor makes you melt?

By Rabeeya Seemul Latif

Are you that boring person who orders chocolate ice cream each day every day? Do your friends roll their huge eyes at you every time the C-word escapes your mouth? Do you wish to break the shackles and see the world without the haze of cocoa? We have only one advice for you: Don’t be basic and try these exciting and fun flavors available at Scream! Most of these flavors are nitrogen based so you won’t have to worry about the ice flakes getting in the way of the creaminess. And your ice cream is made right in front of you in seven seconds max!  What else does one desire?

Let’s head to the coolest ice-creams flavours you must try this season.


OKAY, we agree it is not unheard of, but this one here has the perfect balance of coconut and milk. It has a nutty coconut flavor and once you have it, we’re sure you’ll go go coco-nuts over it! According to Corporate Banker, Usama Paracha, “It tastes like vanilla skies on a tropical paradise!” Wow, we’d definitely like to experience this feeling.

Nutella cheesecake with brownie

Nutella is a blessing on its own but when it meets cheesecake AND brownies, it’s like a blast of heaven in your mouth. The bits of brownie and cheesecake stirred into the creamy Nutella ice-cream under the presence of Nitrogen is one buttery dessert that you must not deprive yourself of.

Latte with KitKat

What is the daily struggle for a coffee addict in this heat? They need their caffeine, but the heat makes the thought unbearable. Hence, they’re spotted dead-walking throughout the day. We have a solution!

A Latte ice cream is the best alternative for coffee this summer. Add a bit of KitKat to it for that extra zing (crunch).

Green Tea 

After coffee-lovers, we have something for green tea lovers too. This ice cream is something we swear by. It is fresh, fun, and has all the right flavors. It, of course, does not have the benefits of a green tea, but its aroma is as relaxing as the actual one.

Our tea addiction just got a lot colder.

Mango Sorbet and ice cream

Moving on from ice-creams, sorbets are a godsend in this heat. And so are mangoes. So, summer is the perfect time to celebrate both with a Mango sorbet. Thankfully, it is not overly sweet and has the right amount of tanginess. It’s like eating a mango without having to worry about what to do with the peels! This sorbet reminds us of the pun we recently heard: If your man ain’t treating you right tell that man-go.

And if you like things creamy than stick to mango flavoured nitrogen ice cream.

Lychee Sorbet

Another summer fruit that needs your attention is the Lychee. A mixture of this sweet fruit and water frozen to perfection is what we need to keep ourselves hydrated this season because chugging plain water is too mainstream.

Remember that ice cream solves ALL the problems in your life, but if you only stick to one flavor then that’s a problem in itself!