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Five Fitness Myths Busted

What you don’t know about your workout routine

By Maha Asif Rizwan

From the girl next door trying to watch her diet, to the one making gym runs at eight in the morning; more women are becoming fitness freaks. While you might want to hop on the bandwagon, it’s important to know that not all routines are as effective as you might think. We at Women’s Own went around town to get fitness instructors to give us the lowdown on the most common fitness mistakes we can make. So as you get ready to squat and lunge your way through the gym,

Here’s what you need to know.

Next time anyone tells you this ‘one’ move will make you stick thin, hit them with a stick.


Sorry girls, but those sit-ups and crunches just aren’t enough to help you get rid of your fat, and neither is standalone cardio. Dosti Zahra, Head Trainer at the Strength Project, says, “Everyone needs to do a combination of strength and cardio moves to get results for their body. A lot of women assume they only need to do crunches and sit ups to reduce tummy fat. Wrong! You have to do an overall body workout to reduce fat.”

You can do it at home. Not!


Do you know how to develop kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness in your workout? Don’t stress, neither do we; which is why it’s always a good idea to work out under the guidance of a fitness instructor.

Fatima Zara Mallick, fitness trainer and wellness coach at FZM Boutique Fitness, tells us, “You want to get the max out of your workout. There really is no useless exercise as long as your form is good. Most people even do the basic crunch incorrectly. That’s why I encourage everyone to work out with a good trainer initially.”

Thinking of perfecting that one fitness routine? Think again.


 Just because you’ve found the right fitness regime doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try anything different. The key to real gain is perfecting variety of moves.

Mehak Taherani, Founder at MUV Base sheds light on the subject, “Studies support the fact that workouts that challenge your body in new ways, over time, are the most beneficial. The human body is adept at adaptation. The more repetitive your workout gets, the more efficient your body gets at performing it, which could eventually mean a compromise in intensity and therefore physiological benefits attained in training. Switch things up.”

Food amnesia is not an option


It’s no secret that fitness is part exercise and part diet. That said, depleting yourself of energy is not the key to becoming fit.

“An adult woman who works out should aim for a minimum of 60g – 80g or protein a day. Some women barely get 20g which hinders both muscle building and fat loss process,” Dosti Zahra, emphasizes on the need of a proper diet.

Speaking of protein, it’s important to note that supplements are not a substitute for solid food.

Fatima Zara Mallick adds, “Avoid anything that sounds too good to be true. There are no short cuts in fitness.”

Heavy weights will not give you muscles…unless you want them


We know, we know, strength building sounds INTENSE. While heavy weights can be intimidating, Mehak Taherani, Founder at MUV Base promises how lucrative they are for your fitness.

“Avoiding heavier weights in fear that you will become ‘too masculine’ or ‘too bulky’ is the most common myth plaguing women looking to get fit,” shares Mehak. “Lifting heavier weights releases more muscle growth and fat burning hormones than lighting light weights. The heavier the weight the more calories you will burn with each rep.”