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Five Hairdos Better Than A Top Knot

Long or short, up or down, try these out now!

By Sherazade Khan

Stop! Don’t tie those locks in a samurai-like topknot. There are a lot of ways to style (or tie) your hair apart from scrunching up it in a bunch, piling it up top, and securing it with an extremely tight hair band. You shouldn’t aim to secure your blood circulation to the brain along with your hair. That’s neither healthy nor stylish.

What’s trending in the hair department these days?

According to multiple LSA awards winner, Nabila, “Lengths are going to vary from mid-length to short pixie cuts to bangs.”

She adds that long wavy curls are now a fading trend, so bid adieu to curls wala blowdry. But whatever your preferred length is, here’s how you can twist your hair game like a pro.

The Ever Classy, Ever Humble Ponytail

“It’s going to be a long, hot summer and so the hair will be tied up quite often,” says the CEO of Toni & Guy North Pakistan, Shammal Qureshi.

The high-pony is out, but the ‘normal’ ponytail is extremely in, thanks to Kate Middleton, Kareena Kapoor and our very own Mahira Khan.

You can try a little back combing in the front to add volume and height.  And if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a messy pulled back look and try not to let your OCD get the better of you when your hair seems out of place! After all, Nabila says, “disconnected hair looks visually great!”

Pro tip: Ribbons are playful and versatile and can be added to your ponytail for a feminine touch. They’re officially back in fashion and were spotted on the runway during Tory Burch & Marchesa’s showcase.

The Side Bun

The bun, or joora is quite popular in the hot months. The top knot was funky while it lasted, but it is overdone now. Here’s the side bun that looks classy, but not too aunty-ish!

For extra sass add some flowers or make it messy… and don’t forget to pair it with statement earrings!

Dye Thy Bob

If you’re going for a bob – long or short – opt for one that makes a statement! We’re talking about rainbows and unicorns here. Nabila foresees lilac, rose gold, teal blue, and green with a hint of blonde, to be the hair colors of the season!

Whether it’s a bold one colour, is multi-colored, has ombre tips, or has a funky undercut that plays peek-a-boo whenever you pull your hair up, dare to be different this summer.

Fancy being a unicorn? Well, why not try the hidden rainbow… it looks like the most fun thing to have under the top layer!

Braid it

It’s easily said than done, because we don’t want you to sort those lame plain jane braids, but something with a little more character. Messy braid, side braid, hair band braid, or fishtails, the braid will keep the hair away from your face.

Be playful like Mawra Hocane…

Or let your femininity stand out at a more formal event with an intricate braid adorned with flowers.

Whatever style you choose, remember to have fun with it and let it speak for your personality!

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The Fringe

Would it be corny to say that bangs (fringe) are back with a bang (laughs internally)?

Long, or short, abrupt or layered, the fringe is a style that’s bound to change your look. Different face shapes warrant different cuts, so have a consultation with your stylist before you take the plunge and go for the chop! Meanwhile, get some inspiration from these guys…

We can’t speak of fringe and not mention Emma Stone. She and her bangs go a long long way.