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Five Lessons Women Can Take Away From Secret Superstar

“You don’t need wings to fly..."

By Muna Moini

“…you just need each other to reach the sky!”

While most Indian filmmakers are busy authenticating Kanagna Ranaut and AIB’s joint effort – the Diva Song – and all it stood against, Aamir Khan is focusing on empowering women one movie at a time. First Dangal and now Secret Superstar. His films strive to bring a positive change in the society, barring the pointless Dhoom 3. He is a true superstar and that’s no secret at all.

Secret Superstar is a tale of a young girl, Insia, played beautifully by Zaira Wasim, who fights all odds, along with her mother, to make her dreams a reality and find freedom. Aamir plays a small yet powerful role in the movie. Unlike the Kapoors and Khans of Bollywood, he isn’t a hoarder of limelight.I walked into the cinema with high expectations, knowing I’ll walk out satisfied and that’s exactly what happened. The film might not do Dangal level business, but it sure as hell will win the same amount of hearts, if not more.

Here are five lessons women can take away from Secret Superstar:

Lesson 1: Never give up

Internet has the power to let your voice be heard and face be known. The protagonist uses the social media to its fullest advantage and so should you. If it can make Dhinkchak Pooja an overnight sensation, imagine what it can do for actual talent. Our very own Hania Amir is a social media find; one day she was snap chatting and the next she was playing the adorable Palwasha in Janaan.

Lesson 2: Never let ANYONE steal your right to dream

Not even your father! No matter who you are or where you’re from, your dreams are valid. Even if your dream consists of eating that warm, crispy doughnut at night, get up and eat it. It is the best feeling you’ll ever experience.

Insiya’s father tries to kill her dream of becoming a singer, but she overcomes fear, follows her heart, and not only saves herself, but also her mother from an abusive marriage. Women need to stop relying on men for validation and need to start living for themselves! Sometimes, one single step makes all the difference.

Lesson 3: Walk out of an abusive ANYTHING

Women are often told not to walk out of abusive marriages for the sake of their children. What the society fails to understand is that this act does more damage than good, because while it’s true that kids from broken families suffer emotional trauma, growing up with parents who have an abusive relationship is usually worse.

Insia grows up watching her father abuse her mother and ends up with a strong case of anxiety; and that’s just one of the many examples.

Lesson 4: Women need to support women

In a world full of men trying to bring women down, be the women who help each other rise despite all odds. Stop judging and try understanding one another because when women help each other, incredible things happen, and you know what? That scares men!

Lesson 5: Your mom is your superhero!

Do we even need to spell this one out?

Rest assured, you’ll leave the cinema in tears and a heart filled with the realisation that there’s nothing you can do to ever repay your mom. She’s that one person who’s been protecting you ever since you were a mere cell!

If you feel you’re losing that connection with your mom, maybe you should go watch this one with her and reconnect!