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Five Patriotic Beauty Looks To Try On 14th Of August

Go green...literally!

Once upon a time, using green on your eyes or lips was considered a cardinal sin. People would easily accuse you of being too OTT or downright paindu. Now with all the Deepikas and Aishwarya’s of the world sporting it, emerald green is THE colour of the season. And what a coincidence that this trend has emerged right before 14th of August – our day of independence!

Green and white make up our flag and now that we’ve painted the town green, it is time to focus on our face. There is no need to stare at us incredulously. We know what we are talking about and a fine makeup artist, Hima Raza, was game enough to lead the way.

Here is the result!

Pretty In White

Let’s start with the safest of all looks. Don’t tell us you are afraid to sport this one on your next night out?

How to get this look?

Prep your face with a good moisturiser, then apply Mac Mineralize (charged water). This diminishes the pores and gives a glow to your face prior to the foundation. Hima used Mac Pro conceal and correct palette in medium deep NC40 mixed with NC42 to do exactly what the name suggests – conceal blemishes and correct discolouring. Then our makeup artist and model dabbed on Masarrat Misbah’s foundation in shades Mocha and Latte.

Use BHS contour palette to define your cheekbones and jawline and highlight with DMGM illuminator. Also, don’t forget to fill in your brows. You can use any product you like but our makeup artist suggests Anastasia Brow Wiz.

This process will remain same for all five looks.

Once the canvas is ready, here’s what you do.

Step 1: Create a nude white base on your eyes up till your brow using the MAC neutral palette and line the lower and upper lash line with Revlon gel eyeliner.

Step 2: Put on Zhoosh Bambi lashes.

Step 3: Add a pink blush to the apple of your cheeks. Hima used Huda Beauty’s 3D highlighter palette.

Step 4: Apply the same pink blush on your lips. Yup, just tap the blush and mythic oil for that shine.

Blended Dusty

Now, let’s enter the testier waters with this blended murky eye makeup and nude lips.

Step 1: Apply Anastasia’s Primavera eyeshadow – a gold shade with a frost finish – on the lid.

Step 2: Apply transition colours from Anastasia modern renaissance palette in shades Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna.

Step 3: Tap Vermeer – a warm beige eyeshadow by Anastasia – in the inner corner of the eye for that gorgeous glow.

Step 4: Put on your lashes. Hima used lashes by zhoosh.

Step 5: Apply Mac Retro Matte Lady Be Good on your lips.

Glitter Your Lips Green

This one was the most risky look of the lot and we love the result!

Step 1: Create black lips by using Anastasia’s lip palette.

Step 2: Apply green Glitter – from Urban Decay’s Moondust palette – on your eyes.

Step 3: Use the same green glitter on your lips.

Step 4: Hima created a white liner by mixing a sealing gel with white eyeshadow (MAC Vanilla eyeshadow) and applied a thick line close to the upper lashes.

Cut That Crease

We don’t mean it in literal sense…or maybe we do. Instead of a knife, you’ll use an emerald green eye pencil to cut the crease.

Step 1: Prep your eyes with a primer and use a Chrtistine eye pencil in jewel green to outline the socket of your eye. Blend it a little and leave the lid alone.

Step 2: Take the yellow shade from Anastasia’s lip palette Volume 1 (who says you can’t apply lip colours on eyes?) and apply it across the lid. Blend this with Anastasia (modern renaissance) realgear – an orange rust tone – towards the inner corner of the eye.

Step 3: For your lips, again head to your trusty Anastasia lip palette and mix tones 1 and 11 to achieve the perfect nude-pink shade.

Sheen and Gleam

This one is an out and out glamorous look and absolutely doable!

Step 1: Create a turquoise base using Christine liner (the one mentioned above).

Step 2: Apply Christine’s waterproof liquid eyeliner – Eystyle No. 23 in black – at the outer corner of the eye and blend it inwards. You need to be super quick in this step because the liquid liner might dry out before you blend it.

Step 2: Line your eyes with a black eyeliner by eyeko.

Step 3: For the sheen on the lips and eyes, apply a pink lipstick and L’Oreal mythic oil.

Step 4: Use Huda Beauty’s highlight palette for that perfect glow.