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Five Rules New Grads Should Live By

Your journey has just begun

By Saara Salim

To all the new graduates out to conquer the world. It’s a crazy world out there, some of you may get your dream jobs, some may not – that’s how it is. The goal is to keep it together instead of relishing in the depths of misery just because your classmate gets to sit in a glassy high-rise and you in a dingy basement.

Here is some valuable advice that will help you get by and do well for yourself.

Disclaimer: The following article may be filled with cliché’s, but try to keep the eye-rolling to a minimum (take it from an eye-rolling mum herself). I will give song references to make it stick, try not to get distracted…   

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work – Rihanna      

Just put your head down, be disciplined, and be prepared to toil away…in paperwork, mounds of criticism and even dirt!

There is absolutely no substitute for professionalism and a dedicated work ethic. Nothing worth doing ever came easy, but putting sincere effort behind any task will most definitely result in “Superstarism”. The only way to stand out from the rat race is to be an outlier working as hard and learning as much as possible.

I Can Go The Distance – Hercules

Get up, dress up, and show up. Do not make a habit of cancelling (it’s a bad habit) because you are scared at the first hurdle.

Giving up is the easiest thing to do, trudging through the hard times is what truly shape your character. Go to that exercise class, take that sales trip, meet your relatives for dinner. Commit! And of course, fulfill the commitment!

Under Pressure – David Bowie & Queen

Mistakes and failure will make you learn faster than anyone else, help you cope, help you let go of regret and give you the grit and stamina you need to move ahead. You will fail. That’s inevitable. It’s what you do with the failure that’ll help you go from rock bottom to becoming a rockstar!

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Be Fearless and passionate. And in order to do that, don’t be afraid of leaving the comfort zone. of school, friends, and family. Raise your hand, pitch in, volunteer, and dive in head first with whatever weird idea that comes in your mind. Say yes to being experimental.

Move to a new country, change functions, take on a role you have no idea about. By taking a risk, you are putting yourself in a position to learn, whether you succeed or fail.

Count On Me – Bruno Mars

Just remember duniya gol hai. It is a small world and a long life, so treat people well and build relationships. Eat lunch with co-workers, get to know them, network, be nice, and help out. Spend more time with people than with your laptop. 

So, ladies, just remember do things that seem hard instead of choosing the easy way out. Fill up your day. Don’t neglect your health. Try not to heat seekh kababs in the office microwave (I’m scarred for life and so is the microwave). And in the immortal words of Baz Lurhmann, “Wear Sunscreen!”