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Five Songs That Define Meesha Shafi’s Career

'Jugni' is one of them

By Muna Moini

Speakers Phaar Do,” says Meesha Shafi in her latest song for Pepsi Battle Of The Bands and we say listen to her. In a world that tries to overshadow women, we women need to make sure that we do exactly what Shafi suggests. Make your presence felt; that’s one rule Meesha Shafi seems to live by. Be it her role of a spy in Waar or her mesmerizing performance at this year’s Magnum Chocolate Affair.

With every passing year the powerhouse of talent only seems to get better and better, juggling her parallel careers and acing them all. She’s fit, fun, fierce, and fabulous!

This year on her birthday let’s go through five moments, which we feel, define her musical journey.

When she sang Bijlee Aye ya Na Aye Dhol Bajjay Ga for Mira Nair’s directorial venture, The Reluctant Fundementalist.

Shafi had been singing as Overload’s lead vocalist for some time, but her powerful vocals caught our attention when we saw her grooving in a pink peshwas alongside Shabana Azmi.

When she put on red lipstick and stood tall and proud with Arif Lohar in Coke Studio.

Jugni Jee, we feel, put her on the world map as desis – from the USA to South Asia – collectively head-banged to Dum Gutkoo.

When she sang Eva for Jami Mahmood’s film, Moor

The film almost made it to Oscars, but not many people realised that it came with some absolutely amazing soundtracks, and one of them was Eva by Meesha Shafi.

You can even dance to this one on mehndis. Here’s some inspo:

When she sang Zalima Coca Cola Pila De.

It was short, we know, but delightful nonetheless! And you know what? We’ve found a longer version on YouTube – enjoy!

When dressed by House of Kamiar Rokni, the diva gave a breathtaking performance on Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’.

Meesha Shafi as the muse, brought together art, technology, and fashion!


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