Five Steps To A Perfect Baby Shower

Let's do this!

By Sherazade Khan

Soha Ali Khan is expecting her first baby and boy is she celebrating! She was recently spotted with the Kapoor sisters (who btw, made twinning look super cool) looking pretty in pink! If her pictures make you wish you could throw such parties with a flip of a wand, then this article is your very own magical wand!

We’ve outlined everything you need to do in order to make your bestie’s/sister’s baby shower the most happening party of the season! Yes, baby showers are not all about fake pouts and eating pretty cupcakes, you can go as wild as you like, just make sure none of your activities induce premature labour for the mom-to-be.

Step 1: Pick the right theme

The most important thing at a baby shower is the décor. While you might want to go all-out crazy with jewel tones, it is imperative that you keep the baby shower subtle because you’re welcoming a baby, not a teenager.

If the mom-to-be if she’s having a girl or a boy, the colours to choose are pretty straightforward – pink for the girl and blue for the boy. However, if it’s a surprise, white looks quite elegant.

We’d personally suggest you go for lilac or a soft yellow to keep things interesting and different.

Step 2: Buy, DIY or outsource the must-haves

What are the must-haves? Don’t fret, here’s a list of things you must get hold of:

  • A LOT of balloons
  • Banner to decorate
  • Sash for the Mama

Then there are some optional decorations that can add an oomph factor to your party.

  • Foil balloons
  • A photo booth setup with props
  • Cake or cupcake toppers
  • Cutlery holders and name cards if it’s a sit-down affair
  • Hanging decorations
  • Gifts for the winners of the games

The good news is that all this is available to be shipped to Pakistan on this website.

Step 3: Decide the menu

Keep it simple with tea-time items like themed cupcakes or a cake (why not both?), sandwiches, chaat, and some light fried snacks such as spring rolls and samosas. Wash that down with some (possibly decaf) tea and serve iced tea or lemonade with food.

If you want to shake things up, get coloured bread (pink or blue) and add a drop of food colouring to the lemonade!

Step 4: Plan games and activities

No baby shower is complete without games! Here are some ideas that can get your mind’s engine going:

Guess Mom’s Waist – everyone writes down their guess on a piece of paper, and the closest guess wins a prize

Can’t Say ‘baby’ – everyone gets a pin or badge to wear as they come in and if they say the word ‘baby’ whoever hears them can take their pin. At the end of the party the person with the most pins wins!

Place Baby On The Mommy – This is a grownup version of Pin The Tail On The Donkey– whoever pins (pastes) the baby in mommy’s tummy perfectly (or closest), blindfolded of course, wins!

Design A Onesie – Buy some plain white onesies from any baby store (Mothercare or Babyshop for instance), fabric paints (according to your theme), and a few brushes. Create a decorating station and let everyone let go of their creative side. If there’s a lot of people you may want to stagger the sizes so you don’t have more than 10-12 onesies per age range.

Step 5: Send Out Invites

Now that everything is planned you must invite everyone! First check that mama bear is free on the day you have planned the event and keep the entire duration to a two hours max so you don’t drain her. When you have all the details down, visit this website to decide on an invite.

They have some really cool designs which you can customise!

Don’t forget to capture all the fun, laughter and giggles! You can even frame one of the candid shots and give them to her once her bundle of joy arrives.