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Five Ways To Make A Statement With A Saree

I wore my saree with pants and you should try it too!

By Ariba Dangra

“Look Mom, she is wearing a chantilly lace saree which I told you to get.”

“Look Mom, her saree is so traditional and heavy and yet so pretty!”

“Look Mom, she’s wearing a cape over her saree!”

These are a few phrases you screech out loud to convince your mom (or a stubborn friend) to experiment with the saree. The pallu does not always has to go over your left shoulder. The petticoat can be replaced with fancy pants. And who said you can’t wear a dupatta over your saree? You totally can do this and a lot more!

This traditional saree is a no-brainer. The perfectly draped saree is flattering and will never go out of fashion. But for days when you wish to do things differently, scroll down!

And here are our top four favourite ways to make a statement with a saree.

Pair It With Pants

Yup, you can totally wear a saree over your pants. We’re calling out to all those girls who are always scared of their saree slipping unnoticeably. Don’t worry girls, we’ve found you a fashionable solution.

It might sound a bit strange but if you get hold of an expert then all you’ll have to do is get yourself inside the complicated looking fabric.

Pro-tip: You can use embellished pants to make your saree stand out.

Drape A Dupatta

Don’t we all want to look unique in our sarees. This Umaima Mustafa’s saree dress with a stylish dupatta is all we care about this summer.

Perk Up Thy Blouse

No, we don’t mean add more embroidery to it or invest in a jamawar one. It’s time you paired peplum tops and boleros with the saree instead of the usual cropped slim-fit ones. But whenever you choose a flared top, remember to bring your pallu from the back instead of masking the beauty of the blouse.

Coat It or Cape It

Aaah! This one is our personal favourite because it’s perfect for lazy ladies like us. All you need to do to rock this style is wear a cape or a coat over a simple saree and ta-da!

Belt It Up

And if all else fails (which it won’t), then grab hold of a good old belt and buckle up! It’ll make your waist look slimmer and give your saree a bit more dimension and an artistic feel – as if you’re a muse for a famous artist. We know that’s taking things too far but do try cinching a delicate belt around your saari to understand what we’re on about.