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Flare Up Your Game This Bridal Season

The flare is worth more than a glare


Mahvish Ahmed

In case you haven’t already noticed, the hottest trend this wedding season is the flared pair of pants. Yes, finally the focus is on the bottoms and here’s our little lesson on how you can add a bit of volume and a whole lot of drama to your look on for the next shaadi you have to attend. We break down the trendiest types of flares and leave it to you to shop at designer boutiques or get master sahab to stitch you a perfect pair.

Though we have seen some designers go for plain flared pants, to usher the latest fashion era into your wardrobes, go for some degree of embellishment on your voluminous bottoms, which may range from light to heavy, depending on your closeness with the bride and groom and, of course, the weight of your wallet. Read on to make sure you tuck those cigarette pants back into your wardrobe and let them get a breather without you getting major withdrawl.

Style Option 1: Culottes

Culottes are the safest, most understated way of adding volume to your wedding wardrobe. They are comfortable and help you camouflage those extra kilos on the thighs in the most fashionable way! Therefore, this trend has gone from I’m-not-so-sure to a must-have this wedding season. For those of you who aren’t comfortable with showing too much of leg, but still want the hip, sexy feel that culottes offer, try long pants with sheer detailing at the end to give a stylish cropped look without the commitment.


  1. Elan, 2. Saira Rizwan, 3. Mahgul

Style Option 2: Boot legged pants

This 70’s sartorial statement is back big time and has left all fashion lovers swooning. You can wear your boot legged pants with loads of dabka embellishment, pair them up with an edgy side-tie jacket or add a little street style to create that sporty glam look with side stripes. Take cues from Saira Shakira to wear these pants with multiple layers of fabric when you want to win some extra style points. Be sure to further elongate your silhouette with a pair of stilettos and be the starlet of the night.


  1. Farah & Fatima, 2. Elan, 3. Rema and Sherbano, 4. Saira Shakira

Style Option 3: Mermaid Pants

The mermaid pants are a western, sleeker version of our very own gharara. The volume is about as much as boot cut pants but the gathers around the knee dramatize your look a tad bit more. Pair it up with a peplum top, a kaaftan-cum-wrap or a well fitting coat and you’ve nailed the trend.


  1. AnsabJahangir, 2. Rema and Sherbano, 3. Farah Talib Aziz

Style Option 4: Sharara Pants

And then there was you, beloved sharara! If you want to embrace voluminous bottoms fully and unconditionally, go for some desi glam infused with hints from the West. Teamed up with a crop top and long jacket, these old school bottoms will meet the beauty of modernity. Accessorize with a big tikka on your forehead and be the desi girl everyone wants to be like!


  1. Mahgul, 2. MUSE, 3. Shamsha Hashwani