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FPW DAY 1: The Good, Bad, And The Ugly

Fresh from the ramp

You may think we have the world’s most glamorous job but sitting in the frow ain’t easy. Four times a year we sit through the Fashion Week, our faces going through an intense workout – we contort it in so many ways, it could put a facial yoga expert to shame. From the oohs and aahs of joy to trying to stifle the sudden fit of laughter, it’s difficult to stay professional and most importantly, objective.

It is natural to form an opinion; everyone has one. Here is ours on the first day of Fashion Pakistan Week Winter/Festive 2017.

There’s always the pretty and predictable. And naturally, every designer had one.

Left to right: Misha Lakhani, Obaid Sheikh, Amna Akeel, and Obaid Sheikh.

Thankfully, there were a couple of unique designs which caught our eye. In case our designer friends have forgotten the Fashion 101, this is what fashion week is all about: thinking outside the box!

Left to right: Amna Aqeel, Suffuse Misha Lakhani and Misha Lakhani

Then there is always one piece that EVERY designer has to have in their collection. Last season, it was the two-sleeved kaftan, this year it is the one sleeved-kaftan.

Left to right: Misha Lakhani, Saira Rizwan, Amna Aqeel, and Suffuse.

The outfits you are about to see are intense. And not in a good way. The attendees almost had a “death by embroidery”, moment, but apparently, they survived.

Left to right: Obaid Sheikh, Erum Khan, Suffuse, and Erum Khan.

Then there are always those outfits that scar us for life. Or at least until the next fashion week.

Left to right: Saira Rizwan, Obaid Sheikh, Obaid Sheikh, and Erum Khan