From London With Love

British high street fashion for the Pakistani fashionista

titleParis may have couture, New York the Upper East Side but nothing beats London’s high street fashion. Nowhere else in the world can a simple walk down the block actually change your entire shopping budget. Luckily for you guys, we have our eyes on the street and here is our roundup of Summer 2016 London High Street style trends with their very necessary desi style hack:

Stickers for Grownups


Jeans have moved from skinny to stickered! This relaxed and fun loving trend is a summer must-have and new stock is showing floral embroidered looks. Zara Shajahan had this pop look nailed in her Coco Line.

Adidas Adidas Adidas


If you haven’t gotten your white kicks yet, please head to the nearest Adidas store and get a pair. We know Pakistan summer and sneakers isn’t the best fresh feeling foot combo, but those three stripes are synonymous with street style this summer, making it a footwear must-have.

Off With Her Shoulder (Strap)


Sigh. This isn’t going anywhere so please purchase an appropriate off or cold shoulder top. New stock has interesting draping and cuts, so check out Rema for your best options. The trendy girls are working this look with volume, so don’t make the mistake of keeping the look streamlined.

Block it


Put away your stilettos for the block heal. Whether it’s midlevel or skyscraper, the formal footwear department is going block party! Gucci started the trend with their now iconic block heel mules, and all major show labels have their own version.

Goodbye Jeans, Hello Culottes


Although the jean will always be a wardrobe staple, the summer happy culotte is really giving it a run for its money. Misha Lakhani is doing beautifully tailored versions so find your fav and pair with the voluminous off shoulder for a street smart look.