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Get The Look: Marya Javed’s Gharara Fest

Who says ghararas can't look cool?

By Rozina Bhutto

Gharara pants and frock kurtis are the ‘IT’ trends of the season and we think it is about time that they entered the lives of those who are still stuck in their lehnga cholis. Let’s rip those off and choose a quirky alternative instead!

And Fashion blogger and founder of NO FOMO, Marya Javed, helps us do just that.

Generation seems to be reigning supreme in the fashion circles these days. Javed was spotted in a funky crisp, white mini frock kurti and chatapatti gharara pants at a recent mehndi and we think she might’ve just revolutionized the desi wedding scene. Who wears a waist-length top on a gharara and ends up looking this cool and not like someone who forgot to change out of their day clothes?


As soon as Marya posted this image on Instagram, our brain cells started working overtime and we made mental notes on how to achieve this Boho-desi look. So, here’s what you’ll need to look as funky as Marya Javed:

Step 1: Get hold of an extremely flowy short frock kurti, a gharara, jhumkas, and khussas. Before you start hyperventilating about where to get ALL these things then sit back and relax (we’ve given a few tips below).

Step 2: Head to the salon to get a bouncy blow dry or if you’re a DIY queen then whip out a round brush and blow drier.

Step 3: DO NOT dive into a pool of foundation. A wedding doesn’t give you permission to mask away your natural beauty. Apply a good BB cream, dab on a lip/cheek stain, and load up on Mascara and a highlighter to reflect the fancy mehndi lights.

Step 4: Spritz your signature scent, shove your essentials into a truck art clutch, and head out.


Our picks: Since Generation’s chatapatti gharara pants are out of stock, you can buy their printed cotton ones. Or you can just pop by to your neighborhood darzi to replicate the entire look. Also, let’s all invest in Mac strobe cream because it is a lifesaver for dull, drained out skin. A truck art clutch is a wardrobe staple and makes one big fashion statement.