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Getting Healthy With Anoushey Ashraf

The H-TV morning show host talks to us about starting with the basics


By Maheen Bajwa

We speak to Anoushay Ashraf, host of H-TV (formerly Health TV) morning show on how to get back to the grind, healthily.

WO:  You were a VJ for years before you got into morning shows. Why so many years later did you decide to do a morning show that too for H-TV?

Anoushay: Well the music scene had collapsed in Pakistan, so my first love, which was being a VJ was no longer an option. I was not particularly in love with the kind of morning shows that were already airing on most of the channels so I knew that if I was going to do a morning show it had to be different! When Health TV approached me and described the format of their new morning show, I knew this was the show for me! My show is all about health, life, travel, and lifestyle and these are all the things dear to my heart.

IMG_5903-2WO: In the years that you have worked for H-TV, what are some of the most important health lessons you picked up?

Anoushay: Surprisingly enough, it’s all about the basics! Sleep, walking, and your diet are key to a healthy life. Things like gyming actually come later on!

WO: What are some popular questions asked by live callers?

Anoushay: It’s sad but one question we are asked a lot, especially when we have skin specialists on our show is: how does one become fairer? Child care is also a huge concern for young mothers and a lot of them call to get advice on how to properly look after their child when they’re very young.

IMG_5922-2WO: What advice would you give girls in their twenties, in terms of their lifestyle, which will help them later on?

Anoushay: I would definitely encourage them to get involved in exercise and sports. Physical activity is very important in your twenties. This may sound a cliché but don’t get into smoking and fizzy drinks, you will only deal with the repercussions in your thirties!

WO: What are some healthy routines that you have incorporated into your life.

Anoushay: I try not to eat carbs after 4pm. I’ve tried to quit eating anything from a box as that equals processed food! I go to the gym religiously thrice a week and I also take out time to meditate and clear my thoughts.

IMG_5935-2WO: You have a very rigorous work regime, how do you mentally and physically handle the pressure?

Anoushay: The importance of being mentally and physically healthy is the key to my crazy schedule! So for me, I will never compromise on certain things such as my intake of water and my rest. I will schedule my work in a way that allows me to get at least six to seven hours of sleep either in the day or at night according to the timing of the shoots. I also tell my team that they have to arrange fruits and vegetables in my meals, so I avoid greasy salans and biryanis as much as possible. The older I get the more particular I become about my diet as my line of work requires me to be energetic and fresh at all times.

WO: For our readers, what do you suggest are good natural remedies for healthy skin, hair and nails?

Anoushay: When it comes to skin that’s easy – it’s water! For hair, a great natural remedy is yogurt as I use it once a week to keep my hair shiny and stronger. But overall, the best remedy is a good diet – you are what you eat essentially. Nothing else will work as well, so stock up on your fruits and vegetables.

IMG_5954-2WO: What is the future of Anoushay and H-TV?

Anoushay: Well Health TV is H-TV now! So that’s a big and exciting change which I am super happy about! Health and lifestyle is the foundation of the channel but we are now growing towards the entertainment side as well. For me, I am excited to continue to be the morning show host and continue to spread awareness and help people in the fields of child care, eating right, lifestyle, travel, animal rights, and social issues etc. as so many channels still do not give enough attention to these very important issues. Our essential goal is to help people improve their standard of living through our platform.