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Gigi Hadid Introduces Summer’s Weirdest Trend

and we can not wait to try it!

She likes to wear her ‘sun’glasses after the sun goes down and has absolutely no regard for the weather forecast! We’re talking about the 22 year old Gigi Hadid, who happened to wear grey lipstick, grey matching nail colour, and blue sweat suit (with absolutely no sweat in sight) on a hot summer night in NYC. This is a free world where anyone can wear anything they wish, but the question is: How do you pull off a dreary colour right in the middle of summer without making the onlookers’ eyes hurt?

YOU might not be able to pull it off, but Gigi Hadid can, because according to Glamour, “Gigi’s warm undertones contrast to her cool gray lipstick, and the combo makes it hard to look away.” So look at your undertones and decide whether you want to go the grey way or not. WE’d suggest you to give it a try.

Here are a few options, if you want to go all uber cool like Gigi.

Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick in Dagger
Maybelline vivid Matte in Sinful Stone
NYX Liquid Suede in Stone Fox. Source: Pinterest account of Marcello Makeup