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Gigi Hadid Slams Islamophobic Activist On Twitter

All the more reason to love the American model

By Sherazade Khan

We woke up yesterday to the news of a deadly terror attack in New York City. As usual, the second thought (first, of course, involved a wave of grief) that popped in our minds was, “God please don’t let the culprit have any ties with Pakistan”, because somehow these ties are lurking round the corner. The unfortunate incident left eight people dead and eleven injured, including children. The suspect, though not Pakistani, was found to be a 29 year old Uzbek, calling himself a Muslim.

You know what that means, right? More Islamophobia in the world and hate speech aimed at us “Pakis”, because to the outside world we are all one and the same.

One such well-known American right-wing activist and senior journalist – who calls herself ” a proud Islamophobe” (seriously, how dumb can you be?) – Laura Loomer, decided to translate her absolute daftness into a tweet, calling out women for wearing hijabs around the site of the attack.

Because, duh, people can and should disrobe whenever someone feels threatened by them. Or whenever a terrorist claims to be a Muslim.

Just as Loomer was starting to anger people, of various ethnicities, race, background and colour, across the globe, the wonderful Gigi Hadid stepped up and shut her down with one precise tweet.

We couldn’t agree more with Hadid and these other tweets that call Loomer out on her uninformed and insanely narrow-minded views.

But even then, the senior journalist can’t seem to put a plug in her blatantly racist beliefs.

This is not the first time that Gigi has voiced her opinion against marginalization of minorities in America under Trump’s regime. In January, Gigi and her sister, Bella Hadid, joined the protestors for the NoBanNoWall march in NYC.

In case, you aren’t aware, Gigi’s parents are immigrants – her mother, Yolanda, is from the Netherlands, while her father, Mohamed, was born in Israel.