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Glitter Lips: Why you need them and how to rock them

It’s that time of the year


By Palwasha Khan

There’s a new kid on the makeup block: glitter lips. Glitter lips have been spotted on the runway quite a few times and none of us ever thought they would go mainstream. We were wrong about that and have no shame in admitting so.

You can rock three kinds of basic glitter lips: Simple color-on-color glitter, the ombre lip and the glitter mix:  a mix of gold and silver shades to create intense contrast on that pout. Before getting into the kind of glitter lips you want – you may want to invest a little in the kind of glitter you wish to sport. Be it fine dust particle glitter (like the kind of eyeshadow you wear) or slightly chunkier glitter that is blend-able.

Color-on- color glitter lips:

This kind is derivative of the lip color you’re wearing. Thus, you will need  glitter that is the same as the lipstick you’re wearing. If not the exact same – oxblood red or ruby woo can both be done with the same red glitter, but make sure that this kind of lip shouldn’t take away the essence of the original lip color you’re wearing – since the glitter is being added just for sparkle purposes.


Image by Aelida

Ombre glitter lips:

These work in two ways – first make an ombre lip of two colors you want and then only in the center of the lip apply glitter and faze out well. The other thing you can do is put two glitters for both the colors you use to create an ombre glitter look.


Image: Pinterest

Neutral toned glitter lips:

For this kind use the transition colors – like gold, silver, chrome and copper. These are the neutrals and basics. We suggest you try a gold glitter infused with a classic plum to make that pout sparkle endlessly.


Image: Pinterest

To apply the glitter colors follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Exfoliate your lips well to remove any dead skin cells.
  • Then moisturize your lips with a lip balm or strong moisturizer.
  • Apply the lipstick color or colors as you desire – be it a single color or ombre (darker lip color on the edges and paler on the inside).
  • Grab a small bristle brush or use a cotton bud if you don’t have a separate brush and take lots of small fine makeup grade glitter (or the thicker kind if that’s the look you’re going for and apply it in strokes over your lips gently.
  • In case there is a glitter spill to the rest of your face or even smudges simply take another cotton swab with a bit of concealer and dab away at the glitter to remove.
  • You can even use your finger to apply glitter especially if you’re trying to go for an ombre look and only wish to apply the glitter in the middle of your lips and leave the edges as is.
  • For two glitter colors in ombre lips use separate brushes and cotton swabs and then with a lip brush gently tap away where the edges of the two glitters are to create a more blended look and take away the lines.

So ladies, it’s time to get ready to rock that amazing glitter lip this festive season and in Rihanna’s words “shine bright like a diamond.”