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Guess what Saba Qamar does when she’s PMS-ing?

Four leading ladies share their PMS stories with us!

By Hafsa Saeed

One great pull, a sudden realization that your period date is approaching, and BAM: your uterus lining bursts even before you can say the word Period.  As much as we hate the emotional and physical trauma our body goes through every month, we can’t help but admit that Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) comes with its ‘perks’. Before you start questioning our sanity, let us explain. It is only during PMS that you know the actual reason behind your mood swings and you can cut yourself some slack for becoming a human version of godzilla.

And guess what, people also don’t judge your volatility if they know you’re PMS-ing.

According to a medical definition, PMS refers to physical and emotional symptoms which take place a week or two before a woman’s period. The symptoms include acne, bloating, irritability, and mood swings.

It is also the time to eat like there is no tomorrow and finish a bucket of ice cream all by yourself because duh, calories don’t count when your insides are hurting.

It is true that we have all done stuff ranging from crying while watching dog videos to eating everything we get our hands on, to snapping at our significant others in order to cope with PMS. But later, when we look back, our acts seem hilarious to us and annoying to others.

We ask four leading ladies (in their respective fields) to share their heart-warmingly hilarious PMS stories because what’s better than celebration of womanhood.

Saba Qamar

The stunning and talented actress, who is all set for her Bollywood debut in Hindi Medium opposite Irrfan Khan, reveals her guilty pleasures during PMS.

“I am generally a very calm person and I never react irrationally but while I am PMS-ing, my mood swings are on a rise. It feels like I am possessed,” Saba shares with a laugh.

While commenting on how she deals with the mood swings and the general PMS-y mood, she says,:

“I watch a lot of movies during that time. I also increase the intake of honey and I try to keep myself busy.”

Saba’s tip of taking honey is hands down great, because let’s face it, honey does miracles. And as for the mood swings, we feel you Saba, we feel you.

Maria Wasti

Veteran actress Maria Wasti feels the topic should not be considered a taboo.

“This is a natural thing and this topic shouldn’t be avoided since it is a part of your life and body hence it should be embraced. It is the most beautiful part of your life too because it is related to fertility,” she says.

Maria also adds that if we won’t talk about it and some medical issue arises, it can’t be solved. She also believes that topics like period and sex should be taught as a subject and even parents should prepare the children so that they don’t traumatize them.

While talking about how she deals with PMS, Maria says, “Initially, I used to get irritated for no reason. Then one day I said a lot of stuff to my friend and she took it badly. But now, I am in control of my body and I know how to handle it.”

Maria beautifully concludes it by saying, “The most important thing is to know your body, because if one can’t even embrace their femininity gracefully then they are a failure at life. All of us friends have started keeping tabs on when we are Pms-ing so we ignore certain things.”

Maria’s go-to snack during PMS is ice cream.

Kanwal Anes Ahmed

Kanwal Anes Ahmed, the founder of the Facebook group called Soul Sisters Pakistan, shares a few titbits with us too.

“When I am PMS-ing, like most women, I get super emotional. So I’ll pick fights with my husband over the most random things,” she says. “The fights then can only be extinguished by chocolate and/or ice cream. I also start thinking really depressing and morbid thoughts.”

Ah, well, who doesn’t love to doze up on chocolates and other sweet delights?

“For the couple of days leading to that time of the month, I turn into a complete sadist. It sounds funny later on but when it is happening, my existence can be more painful than childbirth for people around me,” she concludes on an honest note.

Dosti Zahra

Karachi’s famous fitness and Zumba instructor tells us that our bodies are just as awesome as other days when we’re PMS-ing and during the period itself.

“During my periods and even while I am PMS-ing, I love to workout! I continue my regular workouts which include zumba, weight training, cycling, and running,” she shares excitedly. “That’s because PMS and being on your period do not affect a person’s endurance and strength; it actually makes cramps go away. Movement is definitely recommended during your cycle. It is totally safe and also releases endorphins into your system.”

Well, there you go ladies! Who doesn’t want some endorphins to be released while PMS-ing to get rid of the mood swings? So hop onto the treadmill next time any sad (or aggressive) thoughts try to take over your beautiful daydreams.