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Gul Ahmed’s latest collection smells soo good 

You only Live once so why not make it worth the while 

How do you choose that perfect lawn jora? You look at the print, feel the fabric, and at most wrap yourself in it to see how it looks on you. But all that is about to change with Gul Ahmed’s new YOLO collection. You can now smell the fabric too!

And no, it won’t have that fresh out of the factory smell, we promise. Instead, you might temporarily feel like you’ve taken a plunge into an ice-cold fruit punch. The collection includes four scents varying from lemon, zesty orange, balmy mixed fruits, and creamy vanilla. You just need to rub it against your skin to unlock the fragrance.

Don the collection but at your own risk. Don’t be surprised if you feel a toddler wrapped around your Vanilla infused pants.

If you haven’t had a look at their Gul Ahmed ‘Teens’ catalogue then you must check it out.

An attire that consists of flared sleeves, culottes paired with sneakers, and a fair share of tassels is a total win.

Okay so gharara pants aren’t going anywhere. People, embrace them wholeheartedly and do not restrict them to fancy occasions only.

Print on print is another trend that we absolutely love and Gul Ahmed has done good to re-introduce it this season. If you do decide to indulge in it then keep the accessories simple, will ya?

“Retro, pop, and fruity” is how Gul Ahmed describes their scented fabric collection and we think IDEAs is going to be our first stop on our next shopping spree.