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Hareem Farooq Shares Her Co-stars Darkest Secrets

"He's TOO professional."

There is little that Hareem Farooq can’t do. Or should we say hasn’t yet had the opportunity to? Because she seems to be acing life in general. Her dream was to become an actress and that’s what she became. A brilliantly one to say the least. Who else remembers her playing the character of a middle aged mum with as much ease as she played the doe-eyed teenage lover in Diyar-e-Dil? She wanted to produce a film. She did. She set her mind to becoming fit. She lost 25kgs in a matter of two years (or maybe even less)!

Do you need any more proof that Hareem Farooq is indeed a role model for many of us? If yes, then check out the trailer of her upcoming film Parchi which looks super promising.

We recently caught up with her during the promotions of her upcoming film, Parchi. A film that will apparently, “blow our minds away”. Naturally, we want to share the conversation, which involves her co-stars, their bad habits, Parchi, and fat shaming with you!

Here’s the first part where she tells us why one must always keep a safe distance from Ali Rehman Khan and what Faiza Saleem and Usman Mukhtar have in common.

“Get over it”, is Hareem’s message to all fat-shamers. While speaking about her weight-loss journey, Hareem had only one tip to give: You need to stick with your decision no matter what!

“Keep people who motivate you around you, and flush out the rest,” she advises. “And don’t give up. Never give up!”

Apart from the hot topic, our conversation also included Osman Khalid Butt’s ‘brilliant” choreography skills, and Ali Rehman Khan’s undying love for biscuits!

Parchi will hit your cinema screens this winter!