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Have You Met Anoushey Ashraf’s Bubbly?

You must!

By Hafsa Saeed

Who is Bubbly? You, yes you! And the girl hovering behind you and, of course, the person typing these words. Quit staring at the screen with a quizzical brow and admit that we all have a Bubbly inside us. A girl who wishes to eat what she wants, gets super nervous at the thought of a rishta meeting, and can’t help but be politically incorrect. But who helped squeaky-voiced and big teeth Bubbly become a Snapchat sensation? VJ, host, and occasional actress, Anoushey Ashraf!

Women’s Own got in touch with Anoushey to find out the backstory.

Bubbly is unabashedly desi and according to Anoushey Ashraf, “[she] is a confused but happy Pakistani girl who is really conscious of her teeth”. Well, she was confident enough to discuss her Botox arrangement on social media. AND admit the fact that she’s constantly on the lookout for a ‘suitable boy’!

Rizwana's Botox/filler goes wrong in this episode of Stupidites! #snapchat #silly #laughnowcrylater

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The question arise, wouldn’t it strengthen the stereotype that all South Asian girls do is sit and wait for their Prince Charming?

“She has mentioned many times that she is this liberated unmarried Pakistani woman in her 30’s,” shares Anoushey with a smile. “And don’t forget, she has also run away from a lot of creeps, so it is not like she is desperately looking for a prince charming; she is just looking for true love!”

Alright, maybe we were being a bit judgmental about Bubbly’s suitable-boy-spotting spree. If she wants to look for true love, she has all the right to do so.

Especially since she doesn’t have much control over her food choices, as is evident from her most recent rant.

Bubbly's having a meltdown. Poor girl!!! 😭😭😭 #postworkout #fitness #instagram #foodie #struggleisreal #snapchat

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This takes us to a rather technical question, which one of Bubbly’s videos has garnered the most number of likes and comments on social media? The answer to this one will reveal the true nature of our masses, so listen closely as Anoushey explains it.

“When she was nervous about a rishta coming to her house,” says Anoushey. “I think that was the most liked video!”

Careem’s marketing team had its head in the right place when they introduced the Rishta Aunty offer because clearly, we in Pakistan love our rishtas!

Since Bubbly is so dependent on one particular Snapchat filter, we fear to lose her to an untimely update. Anoushey shares our fear of Bubbly’s virtual death.

“It is supposed to be one of the popular filters, but if they get rid of it, I am going to be really upset and wait for it to come back.”

We love how Anoushey manages to look at the bright side all the time, just like our dear Bubbly!