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Make Way For The Micro Mist Because Steaming Is So 2016

It is all kinds of good

A trip to the hairdresser means walking out with glossy locks and feeling almost Blake Lively-ish throughout the week. If most of you shook your head at ‘throughout the week’, then we hate to break it to you: Dearie, you need to change your hairdresser!

Chances are that they’re either not using good products on your hair or they’re frying your hair to death after whatever treatment you opt for.

The chances of latter are pretty high.

When we spoke with Mahvish Hasan – owner of The Mahvish Hasan salon – about the Kerastase treatment, she pointed out, “We don’t want to damage the hair during [or after] the expensive treatment, so we use the Dyson dryer and the o2 micro mist at our salon.”

The micro mist uses the power of water to produce microscopic mist at a stretch. This mist swells the hair which in turn helps the product (the mask if you’re going for the Kerastase ritual) permeate deep into the hair.

“The great thing about the micro mist is that it releases cool mist at the end which seals the hair cuticle, locking all the moisture inside,” explains Mahvish Hasan. “Also, it enables us to adjust the level of mist and temperature according to the condition of the hair.”

Your head won’t feel as if it is in a boiler and the hair will come out looking plumper. Trust us, because we’ve tried it.

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The hair comes out feeling healthy, well-nourished, and you can feel that the product has really permeated into the hair. And you get all the goodness of the ozone treatment because the velvet hood is tightly secured around your head. Unlike regular steamers, the vapour doesn’t escape into thin air.

Lastly, as compared to the mist generated by the regular steamer, the temperature control of micro mist is so efficient that you stay comfortable during the treatment. So, next time you’re in a salon ask them to use the micro mist steamer!

This post was produced in partnership with The Mahvish Hasan Salon.