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Hello Flare: Not your mama’s bell bottoms

Everything you need to know about the new trend


By Maha Asif Rizwan

There was a time when volume meant endless backcombing in your hair and flare in your outfit. That time is gone, however we can’t say the same for bell bottoms. Flip through your mother’s old sepia tinted albums and you will witness the evolution of the groovy bell bottoms to the sassy boot cut. We understand if you can’t picture yourself wearing either of those from the 1970s. The good news is the revolution of bell bottoms didn’t stop there.

From low slung and high waisted, wide leg pants have been a wardrobe staple for fashionistas through the ages. Designers and brands are bringing some of their best creative infusion of wider tailored pants in western and eastern trends, to give us a fashion style that our moms never told us about. While some consider the wider bottom silhouette to be outdated, it’s a tailored classic that can do more than just make you look office ready.

Here’s everything you need to know to start wearing them…again:



Let us bust the common misconception that wider pants or culottes make you look shorter. When worn right, they actually add length to your legs making you look taller. They key to accentuating length is wearing monochromatic pieces. Match your top with your pants and add pointy shoes for some added stretch.

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It’s almost habitual to tuck your button down in your culottes or wear them with a crop top. Well, believe us when we say a longer top looks just as, or more, chic with your pants.  The trick is to scrunch your top around your waist with a belt. Voila, it is such a refreshingly stylish twist to your outfit!


The best thing about looser trousers is that there’s room to breathe and be comfortable. Unfortunately, there’s such a thing as pants that are too loose – and it’s a fashion DON’T! Wider pants are tailored to create longer lines and that’s not synonymous with boxy or slouchy. If your pants don’t fall in the center and can easily be mistaken for a skirt, they’re not doing their job right.



Would you believe us if we told you that wide leg pants go best with all your current eastern wear trends? From short shirts to longer coats and peplum kameezes, the secret to creating a chic eastern silhouette for dinners, weddings and even office wear is to pair it with bespoke wide leg pants. Give it a try!



Life is always better in color, but when it comes to wide leg trousers plain old white is your best bet. Once you buy yourself a pair of white wide leg trousers or culottes that are the perfect fit you will never want to go back. They’re voguish, classic and you can literally pair them with every single top you own.

Remember ladies – there’s always room for some extra flair.