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Here Are Some Desi Totkas Our Fave Celebs Swear By

Glowing skin and lustrous hair is only a totka away

By Hafsa Saeed

If Multani mitti, yogurt, and honey are your regular bath companions, then you’ve landed in the right place. And if not, you’ll end up a believer of desi totkas by the end of this article. We all grew up listening to our moms and grandmas telling us to use besan (chickpea powder) instead of face wash and immerse our hair in a foul smelling oil, but did we ever listen to them? Nope.

It is when the likes of Mahira Khan, Priyanka, and Syra Shahroz swear by the power of desi totkas that we turn sheepishly towards the magical power of turmeric and its fellow companions. What do our favourite celebrities use to keep their skins glowing and hair lustrous? Let’s find out!

Maria Wasti Loves Besan

This veteran actress blossomed into a gorgeous beauty right before our eyes and the best part is, she doesn’t shy away from sharing her tips and tricks.

For oily skin: She mixes besan with lemon or milk and gently scrubs her dead skin away.

She has oily skin so besan does wonders for her, but if you have sensitive or dry skin then feel free to add a drop of non-comedogenic oil.

For her hair: Her go-to oils are olive oil and pure coconut oil.

Syra Shahroz’s Secret Love For Methi

The young mommy has sensitive skin, so she doesn’t experiment much and drinks a lot of water to keep it looking fresh as ever.

For sensitive skin: She takes some methi danas, brings them to boil, strains, and puts the paste on her face as a mask for 10-15 minutes. She did warn us that “they stink throughout” so beware.

For her hair: She applies the mixture of yogurt, egg yolk, and olive oil as often as she can. According to Syra, “Oil your hair before applying the paste or else your hair might break”. You can wash it off after an hour.

Bonus tip: Don’t throw away the water after straining methi. Syra has seen her friend, who happens to have gorgeous hair, apply the methi water on her hair.

Aiman Khan’s anti-pimple trick

The promising actress, who played the perfect sister in Mann Mayal, shares her magical solution to get rid of that sudden annoying pimple.

For Acne prone skin: Aiman claims that “a mixture of 1 teaspoon of honey and a pinch of cinnamon powder, if applied for an hour or two, can make your pimple vanish overnight”.

We must try this asap!

For her hair: She occasionally uses aloe vera gel to keep those gorgeous locks in place.

Zhalay Sarhadi has an all-natural toner for you

Zhalay is a traditionalist at heart and keeps her beauty routine as natural as possible.

For her skin: She cleanses it regularly at night and then applies a mixture of glycerin, rose water and an oil. You can choose the oil according to your skin type. During the day, she considers the sun block to be her best friend.

She also suggested that one can add lemon to the rose water and glycerin solution when applying to other parts of the body except for your face.

For her hair: Zhalay swears by the traditional yogurt, olive oil, and egg yolk blend. “Apply it for 30 minutes then wash your hair. It stopped my hair fall, it is an amazing conditioner, and it suits every hair type.”

We must take Zhalay’s word for it, because does have healthy locks.

Sarwat Gilani believes in the power of almond oil

The very talented actress with flawless skin is currently breaking our hearts with her performance in drama serial Zakham.

For normal skin: She is a regular user of almond oil and she “can’t go to sleep without it”. Every night, before bed, she applies a couple of drops of almond oil on her face and neck and the remaining oil ends up on her arms.

For her hair: Once in two weeks, Sarwat applies aloe vera gel to her hair and scalp.

Angeline Malik

This bold and beautiful woman behind the powerful series, Kitni Girhein Baki Hain, didn’t have any desi totka for us, but she did have a very important advice: You are what you eat!

Malik suggests that you consume lots of water, vegetables (mostly greens), and fruits for that inner glow. Let’s do a mix of both ladies – apply right and eat right.