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Five Shapewear To Suck It All In

We’ve got it all 'figured' out

By Sherazade Khan

If your body’s just not what it used to be in your teens, and even thinking of cardio gives you a cardiac arrest (metaphoric one of course), then we’ve got the perfect solution to snap you back into shape. Quite literally. Do you remember the iconic scene in Titanic? No, not THAT one. The one where Rose’s mother is forcing her into a corset. Yup, that scene makes us wonder why we don’t see corsets at lingerie shops anymore. Because the modern day corset is called a body shaper and there are plenty of those out there.

You just need to look more closely, like we did.

Panty Girdles or Thigh Shapers

It looks like a pair of bicycling shorts, but it does much more than that. It lifts and shapes your bum while getting rid of the fear of panty lines. Get one with a high-waist – we’re talking bust-high – and it will also pull your tummy. If you don’t have tummy problems (we hate you), you can go with a mid-waist one.

Mid and high waist, both available at

Buy it here for Rs. 1800

Tummy Control Panties

Instead of pulling in your stomach every time you catch someone’s eye, pull on a pair of these!

Buy it from for Rs. 999

Full Body Shaper

This one will add a little oomph to your bad boys up top while pulling in your waist, sculpting your derriere, and smoothing out your thighs! This one is an all-rounder. The ab exercises can wait and nobody needs to know!

Buy it from (in nude or black shade) for Rs. 1195

Pregnancy Support Belt

It’s an absolute delight to carry a baby for nine months once the initial morning sickness and fatigue wear off, but somewhere along the line the lingering back ache kicks in and no amount of pregnancy yoga can shake it! These belts are great to give your tummy the much needed support without putting pressure on your back.

Buy it from for Rs. 1150

Arm Compression Vest

If you are a fitness goddess and your thighs, tummy, and everything else is perfectly toned except for the flabby upper arms then try an arm compression vest. It is great for saree blouses amongst other eastern wear and has and helps correct posture – something we all could use!

Buy it from for Rs. 3210