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Here Are This Month’s Best Budget Buys

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It is that time of the month when your back account looks even more miserable than your grumpy old history teacher in middle school. You’ve turned down a trip to the mall twice already this week, and another shake of head might put you off your friend’s ‘shopping buddy list’. And you don’t want that. The only way to squiggle out of this position (or to never find yourself in one in the first place) is to shop smartly.

Look for budget-friendly options. Instead of buying a pleated palazzo from Mango, head to local stores like Outfitters or Breakout, which stock similar designs at half the price. Plus, they are perpetually (it seems so) in a ‘state of sale’. Yes, we feel that ‘on sale’ has now become a state of mind which most of Pakistan’s population and retailers find themselves in through good part of the year.

Coming back to our budget buys; here’s this month’s list.

Travel tags

Okay, if you’re suffering from a sudden financial crunch then you’re probably not traveling (for leisure), but if you are, or plan to in the future, get your hands on these cutesy tags. They’ll keep your luggage safe, and more importantly, add a sexy touch to it.

These are available here for PKR950.

A Black choker

A variety of this wardrobe (rather dresser) staple is available at Outfitters. They come in a pack of twos and threes. I got my hands on one recently and two different people asked me where I bought it from!

These are available at all branches of Outfitters between PKR500-700.

Masarrat Misbah’s Liquid lipstick

Here’s another personal favorite. If you suffer from the same disease as me – wearing same lip colour until people refuse to look at you in it – then Magento is going to keep you sorted for the next six months. Magento is a bright fuchsia shade tilting towards purple and complements our desi skin tone perfectly.Remember: Do not smack your lips together (like Poo from K3G) after applying any liquid lipstick. It is a cardinal sin – so what if Poo does it and comes out unscathed, you ain’t Poo. The gentle rub will make your lip color go all blotchy and flaky.

Available online from Masarrat Misbah’s web store and your nearest bis drugstore for PKR1,100.

Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O

Micellar water has been on the block for quite some time, but we didn’t really appreciate its presence until we saw our mascara come right off in one swift motion. This solution will make your life so much easier, you’d want to kiss the bottle.

Please, don’t.And we’ve only just discovered that you can use micellar water during your daily two-step cleansing routine! If you have one, that is. Dab it on a cotton pad and swipe away all the dirt and grime, if not makeup. Bioderma is the best there is and you must purchase it at once.

It is available at all top drugstores and here for PKR1,050 (250ml bottle).

Hershey’s Cookie n Creme chocolate bar

This one’s scrumptious. It makes you feel as good as what Charlie felt when he eats that precious chocolate bar on his birthday in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.Buy it from any major drugstore for under PKR1000.

Marhaba Rose Water

OMG! This one has quickly risen to become my most favourite thing in the world. I don’t even let my mother use it (because it is short in the market, please don’t judge) and that’s something. If she wants one, she has to buy her own. And so do you!It is usually available at all general stores for PKR70 but these days, it is a tad difficult to find.

P.s. Buy one that comes in a small pink spray bottle.

9line’s funky pouch

These pouches – they come in a number of cool designs – by 9lines are all kinds of fun. I can imagine myself reaching out for my makeup more often if I was to own one of these.

These are available here for PKR950.

Striped cross body bag and clutch

It may have an uncanny resemblance to the pouch above, but this one is a BAG not a pouch.Understand the difference.

Lapel pins made a huge comeback in 2017. From bags and jackets to jeans, they were spotted everywhere but the lapel! How ironic. Setting the irony aside, this cross body bag is young and hip. Go ahead and re-live your teenage years (if you’re not a teenager anymore) with the striped clutch/bag.

It is available here for PKR1,393 after sale.

A scarf with tassels

Anything pastel with tassels is a total win this season. Hang this one (available at Breakout) around your neck or a bag to look oh-so-hip!

Buy it here for PKR990.

Heart shaped sunnies by Zari Faisal

The design house’s Blue Lovebug sunnies are trending big time. Ayesha Omar wore these back in March, and they’ve become a statement accessory ever since.

Buy it here for PKR 1,200.